Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monthly Challenge Prizes

Here are a few good reasons to pull out your art beads and enter this month's challenge!
Visit Lisa's etsy shop for her current selection of Raku beads.

The winner of this month's challenge will also receive a set of Van Gogh inspired beads from

Starry Night Disk Bead Set (10)
Starry Night 6-Hole Spacer Bead
The deadline for the challenge is January 31st.


rosebud101 said...


cindy said...

OOOOh! WoW! Gret prizes! I'd better get started on a project!

Anonymous said...

Such great prizes...what a round up. I'm inspired to give it a try this month too!

Anonymous said...

I would love to win Humblebeads treasures she makes the most beautiful beads and I especialy love the Van Gogh series and the Klimt series they are breath-taking !

Anonymous said...
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