Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Carnival Blog: Commitment

Summer is the season of weddings, graduations and street fairs. Weddings are a traditional show of commitment while graduations are the celebration of years of a commitment to schooling. It's easy to be cliche about what commitment means or how we describe it. But have you thought of commitment in terms of art beads? Our Carnival Bloggers have and it's a diverse group of definitions.

For me, commitment means planning and following through with creating the Adjustable Double Dip Ring.

My colleague, Chris successfully committed to creating floral tulip beads. She shares a photo of her lovely glass bead (below).

Being a Mom finds you caring for everyone in your family except you! Nicki has promised to honor her commitment to herself. Wondering what that might be? Make sure to stop over to her blog and find out.

Michelle Mach writes how she has yet to commit to beadmaking but has found herself taking class after class in pmc. Her latest class was in image transfer shown below.

Marcie weaves a story of commitment that follows a young girl throughout her life. Marcie's theme of commitment is similiar to Patti who is dedicated to her glass art. While Lyn takes us on a journey of wedded commitment and how it is intertwined with her glass art. Our good friend, Kelly of Silver Parrot, though is not a fan of the "C" word. She gets around it and creates a lovely piece.

Kate has the opposite reaction to the "C" word. She tends to over commit and tells us about it on her blog.

Think you're hearing things? Well, Holly doesn't listen to the voices in her head, she just ignores them and creates interesting glass eye beads (shown below).

Melissa has just made a commitment to the Carnival Bloggers and shared a lovely art bead laden bracelet she created for the May Art Bead Scene Challenge.

In this season of Commitment, what have you committed to?


Alice said...

So many angles on the committment issue. I have a tendancy to over-committ, especially for my church. Then I get frustrated with myself because I run around like a chicken with its head cut off and it sucks the fun out of the project.

Lately, though, I have been doing very good at saying no.

Great theme idea!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Cindy, As always, you do a lovely job of pulling this crazy bunch of artists together!

Great articles this month!

Folk Art said...

Wow, those are really lovelly!

Heather Beading said...

I love the 'glass eye bead' it is unreal. Thanks for showing this Holly. I feel once you have had children you learn how to committ and I guess I have just followed this through with the rest of my life. When we like doing something we tend to over committ in these areas.