Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Help Beads of Courage

Help Beads of Courage win a $25,000 grant from Pepsi. 
Beads of Courage helps children RECORD, TELL and OWN their stories of courage during treatment for cancer and other serious illness. Through the Program children receive different colored beads each which symbolize their unique and challenging treatment journey. 

Please vote daily, share it on your facebook page, twitter and blog about it.  Let's use our beady powers for good and help this well deserving charity. 

People are free to Lori Greenberg with any questions and email if they’d like a daily reminder to vote (with the link) sent directly to them for the month of July.

They are always looking for donations - here is the information on where to send your beads.  (This is for both art beads and any other type of bead you'd like to donate.)


WA_side said...

You cannot vote from outside the US.
Stupid Pepsi. :o(

LissC said...

Thank you for sharing this info. Very touched by the little girl in the video. All those beads she had! That is one incredible tough journey she has had so early in life. I get so tired of going to the doctors for my own problems. When I see all her beads it really puts things in perspective and helps me to remember just how lucky I am. Such courage lil ones like her have to face what they have had to. My heart, prayers, and support absolutely go to them, this program, and any program that helps them.

Emerald Window said...

What a wonderful program! I beaded intensivly throughout my chemo program and it helped so much. I gave away over 125 beaded brooches that I made for all of the people who were so helpful during that trying time.

dining room table said...

That video is one of a kind. It is very inspiring and very fun to watch. I wish I am as brave as she is. I adore her so much.