Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On the First Day of Christmas: Flight of Fancy by Lorelei Eurto


1 Riveted Tin 1-5/8" Bird connector
2 Wood branch beads
1 Enameled Yellow connector
4 Brass tube beads
4 Swarovski Crystal bicones
4 inches Brass cable chain
1 Brass 15mm lobster clasp
2 Brass 15mm split jump rings
4 Brass faceted beads
5 Brass 7mm split jump rings
4 inches of steel or brass 19g wire
4 Brass 2 inch head pins


1. Attach the yellow enamaled connector to one side of the tin focal using 2 brass 7mm jump rings.
2. Split the chain into 2 pieces, each about 6 links long. Open one end of one chain section, and attach to one hole of the yellow enameled connector. Do the same with the other chain section to the other hole of the connector.
3. Use one 7mm jump ring to attach the lobster clasp to the 2 chain ends.
4. Cut the steel or brass wire into 2 pieces, each at about 2 inches long. Form a wrapped loop on one wire. String 1 branch bead. Form another wrapped loop and attach the loop to one of the rubber o rings on the tin focal. Do the same for the other wire, and branch bead, and attach it to the other rubber o ring on the tin focal.

5. Making sure the wrapped loops are facing in the same direction, open a 15mm jump ring and attach the two wrapped loops.  String 2 faceted brass beads. Close tightly.
6. Attach two 7mm jump rings to the 15mm jump ring, Open the 2nd 15mm jump ring and attach the two 7mm jump rings, thread on 2 faceted brass beads and close tightly.
7. Using the 4 headpins, string 1 Swarovski bicone, and 1 brass tube bead. Form a wrapped loop and attach it to the top hole in the yellow enameled connector.  Repeat with the other 3, attaching 2 to the top hole and 2 to the bottom hole.


Tin Connector: Tin Snippets by Lorelei Eurto
Wood Branch beads: Rich Kibbons
Brass findings: Vintaj Brass Co. www.vintaj.com
Enameled Yellow connector: C Koop Beads
Brass tube beads and faceted brass beads: Hand of the Hills
Swarovski crystals: Fusion Beads www.fusionbeads.com


Keith@ Vintage Crab Jewelry and Crafts said...

What a really cool bracelet!

Gaea said...

Super cute! I love your colors and textures! :)