Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the 5th Day of Christmas: Woodland Ring Pendant

A trio of autumn leaves floats below a sweet little bird in a beaded wire nest.  This is a simple project that is a great way to use up related theme charms that you have in your bead stash. You could leaves, or flowers, or woodland creatures or sea themes.  Go dig around and see what you have on hand!

Ceramic leaf pendant (Gaea)
Polymer clay leaf charm (Humblebeads)
Lampwork leaf headpin (Thornburg Bead Studio)
30mm patina copper ring (Miss Fickle Media)
Pewter sparrow bird bead (Green Girl Studio)
15mm brass jump ring
2 7mm gunmetal jump ring
1 gunmetal lobster claw clasp
24" gunmetal chain
10 4mm gunmetal jump rings
2 4mm brass jump rings
20 pewter color size 11/0 glass seed beads
15" 21 gauge steel wire

1. 3" from the end of the wire create a wrapped loop, wrapping the wire around several times under the loop to form a messy wrap.
2. String on the bird bead, create a large loop under the bird. Open the loop and string on the large copper hoop. Close the loop and form a wrapped loop.  Continue wrapping the wire under the bead to create a nest, adding seed beads on the wire at every pass in the front and back of the bird. Use approximately 10 seed beads.
3.  Add a pewter glass seed bead to a 4mm jump ring, close the ring and set aside. Repeat 9 times.  On the 12mm jump ring, string 5 of the beaded jump rings, add the bird pendant, string on the other 5 beaded jump rings. Set aside.
4. Cut the chain into two 12" lengths, attach 4mm brass jump rings to the end of each chain and thread through the 12mm jump ring.  Close the 12mm jump ring.
4. Attach the clasp to one end of the chain with a 4mm gunmetal jump ring and a 7mm jump ring on the other chain.

3. Create a wrapped loop with the glass headpin. Attach the headpin and ceramic charm with 4mm jump rings.  Attach the polymer clay charm with a 7mm jump ring.

Resources: See links above for the art beads.  Findings and seed beads: Micheal's.  Chain: Hobby Lobby.

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