Sunday, July 20, 2014

Art Bead Palette :: Orange, Peach, Copper, oh my!

Hipster Lampwork Glass Beads by GlitteringprizeGlass

Enara mini beads by GlitteringprizeGlass

Concave Crater orange focal bead by StudioTambria

Tumbling Dice Beads by TheBeadedBead

Beaded Beads set of 9 by TheBeadedBead

Hey art bead lovers! It's Brandi, here for a rare Sunday post because... I goofed last week and missed my scheduled day. Yeah, so that happened, which might be the first time ever. All I can say is that I've got summer brain right now, and focusing and remembering and doing anything requiring recollection is not my forte at the moment.

But I'm here today to share with you a few palettes to make up for it!

And actually, I thought I'd do something different today, in that rather than showcasing one shop, let me show beady goodness from a few. Mostly because I come across so many awesome shops doing these posts, and it's a good excuse to showcase a color combo I'm really liking right now.

Which would be pretty much any shade of orange.

This is a little strange to me; I'm not usually an orange person. I can handle coral, a little peach, and a touch of copper, but orange isn't usually what I gravitate towards. Ever. And yet, as I went searching for art beads today, I couldn't help but zoom right in on every shade of orange I saw. I just can't get enough of the warmth of it right now.

So, enjoy these lovely art bead-inspired palettes! You can find links to each shop directly under the photos, should you want to cruise on by and see more.

Tell me: what color are you digging right now?


Nuit said...


Ann Schroeder said...

Thanks for this great palette tour! Beautiful beads, and orange is always a favorite for me. Lately I've found myself buying some white beads. I've always avoided white, but I've seen some really beautiful designs with white beads and metal lately.

BluMoon said...

Gorgeous selection of colours, very inspiring!

Unknown said...

I've been fixated on blues and pinks lately, but now I'm thinking orange and pink. I do love those two colours together. Thanks for sharing these palettes.

Unknown said...

This is a great inspiring article. I am pretty much pleased with your good work.You put really very helpful information.

bairozan said...

I already started buying beads in the warm fall color palette, so thank you for this post!

Carol Briody said...

Brandi, you inspired me with this lovely color palette of oranges and goldens! I came home from work today and hopped right into a piece using these fabulous colors! They are great together! Thank you!