Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday: Beads, Buttons and Braids Bracelet Tutorial

I recently came across this delicious package of leather bracelets for braiding at Michaels and I couldn't resist.  I thought they would make a great topic for one of my Tutorial Tuesday posts.  So a few days ago I laid out the braided bracelets and began to think about the art beads that I had in my stash that would would work well with the leather.

I was quite sure I wanted to use some of these beautifully colored polymer beads by Heather Powers and of course leather and ceramic beads always go well together.  So I put them together-- the round strings of beads being from Heather and the ceramic ones that I had made. I added in one of my bird charms since I thought they might go well too.  I decided I would make up the three bracelets I  had already braided.  These bracelets come in an 8 pack from Michaels.

They come unbraided  but luckily there are very clear directions for making the braids on the back of the package.

So if you decide to try some of these you can use their directions.  I managed to follow them after several tries despite the fact that I am not good at following written directions.  The pictures are very helpful.  So I think you will be able to make them too.

What I came up with is three bracelets, all in different styles and all sporting art beads.  This first picture is a Rustic Style Bracelet using some of my ceramic charms.  

Rustic Style Braided Bracelet with ceramic charms
 by Mary Harding

This next bracelet is a bohemian style one with beads by Heather Powers

Bohemian Style Braided Bracelet with art beads by Heather Powers

And the third bracelet is a tribal style one with an art bead copper clay button by me.

Tribal Style Braided Bracelet with copper clay button focal by Mary Harding

These are all quite straightforward and uncomplicated to make.  The braided leather adds a nice additional texture and complexity to these otherwise fairly simple designs.  The list of supplies and directions follow.

1 package of Mystery Braid Bracelets ( includes 8 leather bracelets ready to braid)
Please note that snaps can seem not to snap at first but some extra pressure solves the problem

For the Rustic Style Bracelet:
5 assorted ceramic art bead charms 
2 balled end head pins
4 copper plated pewter Heishi spacers 1x5mm  (www.fusionbeads.com)
5  antiqued copper jump rings 18 gauge wire  10 mm

For the Bohemian Style Bracelet
4 art beads by Heather Powers  (www.humblebeads.com   or  www.humblebeads.etsy.com)
4   balled end end pins copper 20 gauge wire
16  copper plated Heishi  spacers 1x5mm(Fusion Beads www.fusionbeads.com)
3 yards turquoise blue waxed linen 
16 copper cube beads  (Ornamentea.com)

For the Tribal Style Bracelet
1 copper clay art bead single hole button (www.maryhardingjewelry.com)
18 inches dark rust waxed linen (www.whitecloverkiln.etsy.com)
1 hollow copper bead 5mm   ( www.rings-things.com)
8 copper cube beads (www.ornamentea.com)
2 copper plated Heishi spacers (www.fusionbeads.com)
12 myuki delica seed beads Tangerine DB421 ( www.FireMountainbeads.com)
6 size 8 Matte transparent topaz seed beads ( or any variety of small seed beads you have on hand)
12 inches of sari silk to weave through the braids on the bracelet  ( Etsy.com)
2-3 double balled end copper end pins for wrapping around sari silk ( 20 gauge copper) about 4-6 inches long

For the Rustic Style bracelet

1. Make wrapped loops on your charms or beads that have holes. String on the balled end end pin one Heishi spacer the bead another Heishi spacer and then make a wrapped loop.
wrapped loops for charms and beads

Use the 10mm jump ring to attach to the leather braided loops on your bracelet. If your charm or bead come with a loop attach it to the bracelet with the jump ring.  Add up to 5 charms or beads, 1 to each of the the braids.  

                Add the charms to the loops in the bracelet along the bottom of the braid

For the Bohemian Style Bracelet

Bohemian Style Bracelet

1.  Make wrapped loops for all 4 of the art beads as follows:  using the balled end end pin add a Heishi spacer, the bead, another Heishi spacer and then make your wrapped loop.  Repeat for each bead.

2.  Cut 4 eight inch pieces of the turquoise waxed linen. (This may seem long but it makes it much easier to tie the knots.) Fold the waxed linen in half and string on the first bead.  Even up the ends.  Then tie the bead to the leather braided loop with the linen making two shoelace type knots ( i.e. like the first knot you make when you tie your shoes.) On each of the remaining cords add two copper cube beads and a Heishi spacer. Tie an overhand knot and cut cord leaving about a quarter to 3/8 inch of cord.  Repeat for each additional bead.  

         attaching the wrapped loop beads to the leather braids with the waxed linen

For the Tribal Style Bracelet

1. Weave the 12 inch piece of Sari silk through the center row of braids.  Leave an extra inch or so for the beginning and at the end of the bracelet wrap the remaining ribbon a couple of times around the bracelet and tie.  Leave the tail and wrap one of the double headed balled end pin around it in the middle for decorative effect. 
See picture above
2. Use one of the double headed end pins to wrap around the ends of the sari silk to secure attachment to bracelet.
attach wire with balled ends through one of the braid slat openings

example of how wire wrapped ends might look

sari silk ends with wire wrap

3.  Attaching the copper clay one hole button:
Cut the 18 inches of waxed linen in half and line the pieces up evenly.  Find the center of your bracelet by snapping the bracelet and finding the spot opposite the snap.  Place the button on the leather where you want it to be.    Coming from behind, pass the four piece of linen around the leather and through the single hole in your button. 

button being strung onto leather braid 

Then string on the hollow bead and tie a knot. You will have quite a bit of cord left over.  Again I used long pieces to make the tying of knots easier.  String a series of small beads onto each of the four cord ends and tie a knot.My cords are about 1 inch long (the outside ones) and 3/4 inch (the inside ones).  I strung the Delicas and seed beads on the outside cords and the copper cubes and Heishi and a couple of Delicas on the inside cords. Cut off the extra cord leaving about a quarter of an inch below the knot.

Completed cord decoration on the button bead

The three leather bracelets.  What a stack!!!!

Now  you have completed 3 bracelets!!! Super!!  What will you make with the other 5 in your package?  Please share in the comments below by leaving a link to a picture of what you created . Can't wait to see them!!
Thanks so much for stopping by today.


Claire Lockwood said...

Wow - epic post: three pieces! Don't they look brilliant stacked together?! I love how you've attached the beads on the second one and the ribbon on the third. Very nice indeed!

Anonymous said...

Super!! Super cool tutorial! I'd probably pass these leather bracelets right by at Michaels, but you've given me some design ideas and the courage to give them a try. Thanks so much!

Heather Powers said...

Wow! I love each one. Art beads and leather make an awesome combination.

baymoondesign said...

Your bracelets and directions are terrific. I hope I can find the leather bracelets!

Carol Briody said...

I must have passed these at Michaels..likely because my brain just didn't 'get' what to do with them! Well now, your post has certainly changed all of that! I'm still trying to wrap my head around how to make braids from something that doesn't have 'free ends', but it sure looks doable with this technique. Loving your sari silk version! That one is my favorite! Thank you, Mary!

Robbie said...

Thee are great! My grand daughter would like them as well...maybe a project for us. I really like the Tribal one!!! Cool!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love them. Now if I can only find some of those leather bracelets somewhere!

Mary Harding said...

Thank you all for the wonderful and enthusiastic comments. I so appreciate what you have written. I hope you all get a chance to make one of these!!

Rosanne said...

Love how you used the leather...think I will stop at Michael's today. I think I would wear all three together.

Unknown said...

Ran right out and got a two pack of mystery bracelets...Hobby Lobby $2.99. Just fought through braiding my first one...takes a couple of trials. Now just need to add the adornments. Thanks so much for the great inspiration. Love these leather pretties.