Sunday, May 10, 2015

Color Play with the Monthly Challenge

When I ran across this painting picking artwork for the year, I fell in love with all the wonderful color combinations and play of colors found in each segment in the painting. So I decided to break down a few of my favorite color palettes hidden in this gem and pair them up with beads from my shop. 

For my first color palette I mixed some of the dominate brights with the neutrals of gray and brown.

The hard part about using an abstract painting can be the unlimited choices and no real theme. But one thing our brains are wired to do is look for imagery when faced with an abstract work of art, we can't help it! So I see feathers, leaves and flowers in these abstract forms. This feather pendant picks up the color palette, I would pair it up with dark brown waxed linen and Czech glass in the same colors. 

For my next palette, I focused on a small part of the painting and grabbed colors from some of the stripes. I like this coral color mixed with orchid, pinks and orange. I still pulled in some of the brown neutral shades to tone it down a bit.

I think this would be perfect with my Dahlia pendant. Mix it up with some of the colorful hues from above for a bright and cheery design perfect for summer.

The great thing about this painting is your can focus on just a small piece and pull a set of colors that work together in interesting and unusual combinations. Here I focused on some of the pastel purples and blues with muted warm tones of gold and coral. Again, the brown neutral is so dominate in the painting that I feel it works with almost every combination. 

My periwinkle Branch Lentil would go nicely with stones and glass in the colors above with dark wood beads added in for texture and pick up the darker neutral. 

For this color palette I choose the more neutral and lighter colors of the painting. The combinations are both floral and woodsy. 

My Blooms and Bark Woodland Disk set pulls in all those colors. You could mix in stones and wood in neutral tones and letting the subtle colors in the disks take center stage. 

Feel free to print out any of the color palettes and pull beads from your stash. We are excited to see what you create inspired by this month's challenge

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