Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Perfect Pairings :: Me + Art + Clay

I guess it is a bit too early in the month to expect any entries. I just checked and I couldn't find any yet for the monthly challenge in either beads nor jewelry, so I thought I would share with you what I am working on. I would have saved this for my Inside the Studio scheduled for the end of the month, but why not share what I am working on now? Each month I take the inspiration art and create something new to present to my Simple Truths Sampler Club members.

[SPOILER ALERT: If you are a member and want to be surprised when you open your package from me, then look away! And if you are interested in joining, there are still some spaces available! ;-)]

The bright pops of color in this painting captivate me. I also love the geometric details that are so intricate in this masterpiece. I want to examine every inch closer. I can only imagine how painstaking it was to actually create this. It smacks of math - and while I shudder at the thought - I do love the different shapes and arcs and lines that are in this painting.

It reminded me of a quilt, with precise measurements and attention to detail, carefully constructed.

Another part of the equation for me in making my monthly pieces for the Club, besides using the artwork as inspiration, is that I try to challenge myself to try something new. Knowing this artwork was coming, I purchased some silk screens with the intent to test them out for this month. I purchased ones with some interesting details that seemed to mimic the lines in the painting.

And then I had a learning curve to deal with! I watched some videos but just started playing. I thought it would be a more complex process, but I was surprised at the great results that I achieved right off the bat! This is definitely something I will explore further.

My ideas morph as I am creating them. I tried out all different sizes and shapes of the bezels I had on hand. I ultimately settled on my favorite long rectangle shape. That meant that I had to really compact the colors into the space and that is when I thought of a crazy patchwork quilt.

I selected the bright colors from the painting and added black and burgundy for a grounding effect. Then I used a gold acrylic paint to make the marks uniform.

I really like the mosaic effect that is happening.

The leftover bits after cutting each 'tile' to the precise size and shape.

Each one is completely different, in both colors used, and placement of the clay 'tiles.' After I cut and arranged to my satisfaction, I had to pry them all out - gently - in order to glue them back down with a high temp glue made for polymer clay. Then they baked.

In process 'Lesage Patchwork' pendants by

But they are not done yet! I purposely made them recessed in the trays so that I could add a layer of my favorite UV resin over the top. Wish me luck that my vision matches my reality! Once they have been resin-ated and cured, then I will package them up for the Club members. Hopefully, it won't be long now...and they will be inspired to use them! I am really excited to see what the Club members do with this! (Gosh. I really hope that this works out and I didn't just jinx myself!)

When I am finished, I will add them to my website for sale as Limited Editions. I think I will call them Lesage Patchwork pendants.

What is intriguing you about this month's art challenge?

Show us what you've made on the Pinterest boards!


Divya N said...

It looks fantastic like a brocade patchwork quilt

baymoondesign said...

Amazing work! Thanks for sharing your thought process.

Unknown said...

I love crazy quilts! I thought for a few seconds of not looking at your post so I could be surprised, but nah! I just had to. Beautiful! I love seeing your process. The also love the arcs and colors and feathery details of the inspiration piece. There is so much there it is almost overwhelming. You picked out great bits to be inspired by!

Shai Williams said...

Now I am super exited and impatient to receive mine! I have been stumped on what to do this month and now the ideas are a churning.

Unknown said...

Great new design!

Empty nester at last said...

Beautiful...can't wait to see the end results...and all those little bits left over...I bet those will make something beautiful too!

Mokki said...

They are beautiful!