Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Monthly Challenge Recap

It seems that this painting, while intriguing and certainly not lacking for color or details, was a bit overwhelming for people to grasp. I read comments on Facebook and in blogs and elsewhere that it was something interesting but that the Muse was not striking.

I think that for me what I wanted to do and what I actually did differed, because I had in my head that I needed to make things as difficult and intricate as Lesage, when what I really needed to do was just focus on what I loved most about it: color.

I find it easy to be intimidated by the monthly challenges, either because I am trying to be too literal, or the inspiration is so far-reaching for me. Either way, I have set myself up in a personal challenge to make something - anything - based on the inspiration. It is the only way that I grow as an artist to take on challenges like this and find what speaks to me, even if it is just one tiny part of the whole picture. Sometimes when I am faced with a painting that I don't feel is talking to me, I will print it out and look at it from different angles, sort of like when you would hang off the edge of the couch and pretend to be walking on the ceiling. Or I might even cut the print into pieces and rearrange them, or focus on one. Try that next time you are stuck!

There were some really delightful entries filled with color and details and a pure joy. I hope you enjoy the gallery I have created to show them off!

May 2015 Art Bead Scene by Slidely Photo Gallery

Now it is your turn! If you blogged about your entry, please post it here for a chance to win prizes!

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