Thursday, May 21, 2015

Etsy Picks

How are you getting along with the challenge? I've heard a couple of people say that they feel slightly daunted by the challenge image this month. So, if you're up for the challenge but struggling to think of what to use, here are some suggestions. As you'll see, I've focused on the stripes and dots in the challenge painting and the first place I thought to look was Graceful Willow Beads:

(these sticks are actually listed as decorations but they are very like the beads that Heidi makes and there's no reason why, with a bit of knotting or wirework or careful drilling, you couldn't use them in jewellery)

I particularly like this last option: 'It's no use: I just don't have the right beads in my stash for the challenge! I must treat myself to a set of wondrously intricate and beautiful lampwork beads'. Makes sense to me! 

Bye for now, Claire


Mary @ said...

LOL, I love it, Claire, any excuse to buy more beads! Great picks.

Shai Williams said...

What gorgeous beads! I sympathize as there are soo many choices. I just got in a bead from Erin's Simple Truths club that I am planning on using.

Mary Harding said...

Love your picks Claire!! You have such a good eye for the unusual and wonderful!!