Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday: Earthy Momma Multi-Strand Bracelet

- 1 polymer bird or nest charm (www.Humblebeads.com)
- 1 pewter nest or bird charm (www.Greengirlstudios.com)
- 7 Rich Kibbons wood beads, petite (www.Stinkydogbeads.com)
- 23 6mm Picasso luster finish Czech glass rounds
- 25 brass colored seed beads, size 11/0
- 8 thin brass heishi spacers and thick brass heishi spacers, both 6 mm
- 2 8”x1” batik ribbon, one blue or green, and one brown
- 1 8” piece of leather lace
- 2 brass swivel lobster clasps 9x17 mm
- 4” of 6x9mm open link cable chain
- 2 long brass headpins
- 20” of 3 or 4 ply waxed linen cord, brown

Finished bracelet is 7" long with a 1" tail. 


Braided Bracelet:
1.  Insert headpin through the bottom of one czech glass flower. Make a wrapped loop on top. Do the same with the other flower and headpin, set aside.

2.  Separate your chain into, after opening the rings you need to do not close them, set them aside:
two 1” sections
two single links
one section of 3 links

3. Roll all three ends of the ribbon and leather together tightly and attach one of an end clamps.

4. Braid the ribbon and leather until it's 6” long. Trim the end, roll your ribbon and leather together again and attach the other clamp.

5. Attach one of the single chain links to a clasp and also one end of the clamped braid, close the link. Attach the open end of one of the 1” chain sections to the other end and close it, opening the last link on the section, add one of the Czech glass flowers you wrapped, close the link. This bracelet is done, set aside

Beaded Bracelet:
1. Attach the other clasp to the other single link and close it. Fold your waxed linen in half, thread the looped end through the link about 3/4” and slide the two cord ends through the loop, connecting the cord to the link by pulling firmly to tighten.

2. Add one of the thick brass heishi, make a overhand knot and begin stringing the seed beads and 6mm rounds alternately on ONE of the cord strands, beginning with a seed bead and about half way through add 2 seed beads just once and continue the pattern. Do not tie off, set down.

3. Begin the other strand with a thin brass heishi spacer and then alternate them with the wood beads. 

4. When finished stringing them, bring both strands together and make an overhand knot. Add the second thick brass heishi and using a slip knot, tie the ends of the linen to the closed end of your other 1” chain section. Pull each strand tightly individually, this will help to ensure your knot is good and tight. 

5. Add your other wrapped flower to the open end, close link.

6.   Attach the open end of the 3 link chain section first to the 2 seed beaded section of the bracelet, then slide on the polymer charm, close the link. Open the other end of the chain section and add your pewter charm, close the link.

7.   ENJOY!

Waxed linen cord and batik ribbon: Jewelry Accord, www.jewelryaccord.etsy.com. 
Czech glass flowers, round beads, seed beads, findings, and chain : ShipwreckBeads,  www.shipwreckbeads.com. 

Today's guest designer is Mary DeTray of Brass Rabbit Studios. Visit her website to see more of her amazing work. Join Mary tonight for a fun supply destash event in her Etsy shop, she'll have batik ribbon along with other goodies! 


Anonymous said...

Awesome tutorial Mary. Your bracelets rock!

Mary Harding said...

Great Tutorial Mary!! Love the different strands and how well they go together for a summery earthy impression!!

Unknown said...

Thankyou so much Mary! I just love mixing fibers!

Unknown said...

Thankyou Linda!

Unknown said...

Love the tube beads and the bead combinations!

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