Saturday, June 27, 2009

Studio Saturday-Kandinsky and Color

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This week we visit the studio of Tari Sasser of Creative Impressions In Clay

Our Monthly Challenge for this month is Kandinsky's Farbstudie Quadrate. I love Kandinsky! The color, oh I love the color. Color is everything to me. Lots of intense color.

This is a tile I made in 1998 that hangs on my studio wall and I look at everyday.
Use, experiment and play with color. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain!

This is the back of my favorite coat. I painted this patch and more that go around the edge and sleeves of the coat, probably 4 or 5 years ago. I painted more patches that went on 2 chenille hoodies for myself and my daughter. Kandinsky inspires!

I got home late last night from my daughter's house. I was helping set up for my granddaughters birthday party, which is today.
These five 2" buttons were glazed when I got home.
It was going to be a rushed firing. I crossed my fingers and hoped they would turn out so I could show you this morning.
I painted and experimented with the colors. It was wonderful and calming.
I have to say, I miss painting. I haven't the time to paint in a long time and I miss getting lost in it and the calming therapeutic effects it has on me when I paint.

This weeks question:
Tell me about your experiments with color!

Leave your comments you could win one of my Kandinsky buttons shown above!


sharon said...

Hi Tari!! I just experimented with color this week, by using RED, which is usually pretty much taboo for me in my jewelry! I'm really not comfortable with it, so I made myself use it in a piece of mixed media. Guess what?!! You know it, the experiment worked, and now I'm really starting to like red a lot, I'm warming up to it. It's pretty amazing that a simple little experiment can change your whole way of thinking!!
I love the painterly and loose quality of these beads you've made!!

Peggy Sturman said...

Been following blog links and found yours. I love your color comments -- especially your tile about life being too short not to use color. Our color approaches are very different, but I love the philosophy. I'm new to blogging -- just posted my first one and would love to quote you or show a shot of your tile, but don't know how to as yet. Thanks! Peggy Sturman, M. Sturman Jewellery

Alice said...

I love color! I love creating in all one color scheme such as black, red or gray. I love using bright colors, especially in summer. And I especially love creating with colors found in nature.

I love your saying about life being too short....!


Kings Ransom said...

I am all about color. I love bright cheery colors and I am working more with different colors in my beading. Always looking for that one special color that will make everything else pop! I am also starting to take my cue much more from nature and there are some gorgeous butterflies making their rounds right now!

Amber Leilani said...

i like to keep my color palette pretty simple - that way i don't stray down the path of buying more beads than i will use; but i do love to experiment and one of my favorite things to do is use bright, bold, very retro colors with black and white. i like to see a little pop of color on a very stark background. it makes me happy.
but, i tell ya, that tile's got me thinking.....

Tari of said...

Hi Sharon! That is fantastic you are warming up to red. It's such a HOT color! Keep on experimenting.
Thanks for the comments.

Tari of said...

HI Peggy! Thanks for stopping by. Sure go ahead and quote me :)
Have fun blogging!

Tari of said...

HI Alice! The brighter the better for color!
Thanks for your comments!

Tari of said...

Hi Kings Ransom! I think it's great to test and try new things, especially color. The color of butterflies are fantastic!

Tari of said...

HI Amber! I like to help nudge someone towards using loads of color! Hope we can help again!

rosebud101 said...

My color experiments usually are experiences in the more muted, softer color range, since I love to work with a bright range of crayon colors. It's amazes me to see the organics come alive in neutral tones.

Tari of said...

Hi Rosebud101! Hats off to you for experimenting! Sometime just beginning an experiment is the hardest. It's the devil on one shoulder and angel on the other...just do it, no don't, it may not work....I'm going with Nike, Just Do It!

Marcie Abney Carroll said...

My biggest experiment in color was the barrette that I did for this month's ABS challenge. I had never incorporated so many colors in one piece, but I think that the challenge painting this month forced me to go outside of the box with color and I'm very glad that I did so. It also helped that I had Pam Ferrari's great dichroic cab to work with. I also never used to like dichroic glass until I completed the barrette, now I'm looking forward to using the other two pieces that she sent me! All in all, this month's challenge was pretty challenging for me, and it's the first one that I've competed in!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

I once stopped dating a guy because he had to live in a house with white walls! For me, life is too short to live in a house with white walls.

I always experiment with color and am a sucker for new color rods. Sometimes it works; sometimes not. But it's one heck of a fun journey!

Tari of said...

HI Bellajoya! I remember your barrette, it was featured on ABS. It was beautiful. Keep on pushing the is well worth it!

Tari of said...

Hi Creekhiker! LOL I agree with you! Love, love, love the color journey!

Paula Leone M. said...

Hi Tari,

I too love Kandinsky and other artists who use color riotously and most of my favorite jewelry pieces are bold and bright. I finished a
bead embroidered cuff bracelet using a glass art bead last year that was very Kandinsky like (to me anyway). Here's a link, I hope it works.

Making polymer beads and bead weaving have been my path way to color experimentation as the choices are so many and varied. In my latest class, a freeform brickstitch bracelet, I actually chose more muted colors in 2 palettes while my instructor used the goddess button you use as an icon for hers.
So I guess right now I am experimenting in controlling my color urges! Paula Lee M.

Tari of said...

Hi Paula! Beautiful cuff bracelet! Who is your instructor? I am thrilled she is using Persephone!

Paula Leone M. said...

Thanks Tari!

My friend and teacher is Karen Sickle. We both live on Long Island, NY. We met at Keep me in Stitches in Smithtown,NY (owner Robin Michaels made the glass bead in my bracelet) where we both purchased the Persephone button (I haven't decided what I m doing yet). We have a fan club there for your buttons :) Robin started it when she made a bead embroidered cuff using one of the Goddess buttons. (You had a picture of it on your web page.)

Anyway I spoke to Karen yesterday and she's more than half done with her bracelet. I'll get pictures and send them to you if I can. Love your work!

Paula Lee

Tari of said...

Robin is so funny! Thrilled to know you both have a Persephone button and a fan club! Can't wait to see photos from both of you. Have a great day!