Saturday, March 1, 2008

Studio Saturday-Tari's Scene

Each Saturday, one of the contributing editors of ABS will share with you some of the things going on in their studio. We encourage you to participate by commenting to the post. And as an incentive, we will offer a small prize each week, given to one random commenter! Sound like fun? We hope you will join in...

This week I was making faces! : ) Many different faces. These are my Freeform Picasso-esque buttons. Those shown are made as pendants and cabs. I love making these! They are freeform, no mold used, and I get to make a different shape every time and draw faces on the clay . I use a six color palette and all 6 colors are each button. The great thing about making your own pendants is you can put as many holes or loops as you would like so you can add dangly things or appendages.
I think these would be funny with little legs and arms hanging from them! Or use them on an art doll.

I was also being far out and groovy this week! There are 60 Tie Dye buttons in that pile o'buttons! This batch turned out exceptionally well.
It's one of those, "you've amazed yourself at what came out of the kiln"...
...or "damn I'm good!"
The Tie Dye buttons are very arduous to make but the results are amazing and well worth it.

My last Studio Saturday Post I showed you the Decorative Scissors Tips I was working on. They were in the greenware stage and unglazed. These turned out great! I need to make all the chains for each them.
A few of our readers asked "what was the purpose of these?" You know those little stork scissors stitchers/knitters use? You put the tip of your scissors in the end and attach the chain with the clasp to the end of your scissors. Your scissors stand out from everyone else's when you are group stitching/knitting. Also you won't stab yourself when you stick your hand into your bag.

The prize this week is one of the Tie Dye Buttons pictured above.
This weeks Studio Saturday question is...What you would do with this button if you were the winner?
Design something around it? Put it on the perfect jacket?
Sew it onto a groovy bag? Stare at it till your eyes went wangy?

This week's winner, is Lorelei! Lorelei has won one of Heather's VanGogh Beads. Please use the suggestion box to send us your address. Heather will send your lovely bead as soon as she returns from the Bead Cruise.


melanie brooks said...

Thanks for the peek into your Studio, Tari! I *adore* those tye dyed buttons! I think I might use it as the center of a necklace, maybe hand a little silver peace sign charm from it or something similiarly groovy...

Lorelei Eurto said...

YAY! I won the VanGogh bead! Excellent!
If I won this tie dye bead, I would definitely use it as a clasp in a bracelet with a similarly colorful theme!
Tari, I love all the bright colors in this Saturday's post! Awesome, especially now, when everything is grey and white! Go away SNOW!!

Carlene said...

I would probably horde it for a while! (Just cuz it's so different) Then, when I found the perfect beads to go with it, I would use it as a toggle for a necklace. Centered in front of course to show it off. You make fun stuff!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Wow, Tari! What a colorful post! I wish I could win those buttons because I'm sign interpreting a production of "Hair" in two weeks - they would make a perfect bracelet!

Steph said...

heehee - those Picasso faces are FUN. Love em.

And the tie dye buttons are awesome. I couldn't possibly make jewellery out of it - because I don't wear jewellery (I just make lots!). Although I wear rins and it could be the PERFECT time to work out how to wire wrap a ring. How funky would that look? But my top idea would be I think altering a cute little black knitted cardigan I have which is ultra flattering - but kinda plain. So replacing it's hook & eye with a button & loop and adding some funky beading & stitching would work wonders.

I love the scissor tips but sadly in this household they'd serves as a 'GRAB ME NOW!' sign to our 1 and 4 year olds. The chains they're on are incredibly cool though.

Tari of said...

Great ideas!! Thanks for all the comments.

Mary Harding said...

Your studio is so colorful, Tari. I love that pile of tie dye buttons. If I were to have one I would make one of my freeform peyote cuff bracelets in similar colors and use the button as a clasp.

Unknown said...

The tie dye buttons are wonderful! I would use one as the base for a brooch with lots of colorful, twisty fringe sprouting out of the holes. I can see the Picasso face beads framed with cascades of rainbow colored fringe too. Great work!

Anonymous said...

The tie dye buttons would look great on a beaded doll and would give me the opportunity to use tons of colorful beads to accent the buttons.

I love your goddess scissor tips.

Great work.

Beadily yours
Susan Feldkamp

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I would have to use this button as the clasp for a far out colorful necklace with lots of charms and dangles!!!, but there would be NO QUESION that the GROOVY button clasp would be intended to be worn in the FRONT as the centerpiece! I would seed bead with all kinds of colors for the loop to slip the button through! I love these , love these , love these button-Ahzzzs!!!

They get me all excited! can you tell? whoo hoo!


Tari of said...

Jean you are too funny!
Working on a Groovy Thing Baby...
I used to always say "the brighter the better" Of course that goes with my other saying "life is way to short not to use every color available!"