Sunday, April 27, 2008

Animals Loose in the ABS Neighborhood! this week's episode, there are animals loose in the Art Bead Scene neighborhood! Where did they come from? Can you see what kind of animals they are? Why, they're alpacas and armadillos!

They can only belong to one person on the cul-de-sac.... that crazy purple lovin' ABS Neighbor, Tari of Clay Buttons! Well, the ABS Neighbors knew crazy Ms. Clay Buttons loved color but animals too?!?. What are the ABS neighbors to do?

While the ABS Neighbors figure out how to corral crazy Clay Button's armadillo - let's see what else is going on with the Creative Bloggers on Hysteria Lane.... Jewelry Making
Are your wire loops perfect? Why not? What the heck is wrong with you!?

Art Bead Scene
Economy Gone Bad? Read ABS Editor Cindy Gimbrone's series Beading on a Budget to keep you beading in style!

Earthenwood Studio Chronicles
Melanie's Studio Tour continues with a look at the skeletons in her craft closet, and in a new magazine!

Jewelry & Beading
Cyndi has been working on her wire skills, and she's collected her favorite sites for learning the basics!

Katie's Beading Blog
Katie presents an easy wedding jewelry set this week. Check it out!

Make It Mine Magazine
Spread the word: Make It Mine's on MySpace.

Naughty Secretary Club
Jen has a fun DIY project showing you how to make a Tom Binns style No Time Watch in no time at all.

Contest! Contest! Keep Robin busy while she recovers from her knee surgery and send Bandanna Technique Cards-You may win a full set of Ranger's new Adirondack(r) Pigment Ink Stamp Pads and Re-inkers! Bandanna on, Sister (or Brother)!

Savvy Crafter
Candie shares a project for Ornament Thursday that she crafted with her mom.

Snap out of it, Jean! There's beading to be done!
Jean explains why she is so proud of her wabi sabi compliment (concerning a ring she made) by the great Eni Oken, wire worker extraordinaire

The Impatient Blogger
Madge takes matters in her own hands and collages an imperfect and quirky new bio photo. Just because.

That's As The Bead Turns for today.
Did you read or write any good dirt on a bead blog this week?
Did you remember to stop by yesterday and read Studio Saturdays?
Leave us a comment and a link and tell us the latest scoop!


Heather Powers said...

That's it, I'm calling the neighborhood association!

Tari of said...

Next is pigs!!! Hehehehe