Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bead Scoop - Celebrating Beads Contest!

From the Bead Museum, DC:

"Join us as we launch our first annual international, juried beading and design competition; what we hope will become the most prestigious beading contest worldwide! This will be the Bead Museum, Washington D.C.'s largest fundraising event in our museum's history! We aspire to capture audiences and artists from afar to introduce them to the wonderful world of beads! We wish to showcase beads in a new fashion, celebrating bead artistry and the designers who turn beads into art today!"

Visit their website for the details. The email submission deadline is 8/8/08.
And check out the Bead Museum, DC. Looks like a good place to spend an afternoon!


Elaine Ray said...

I have visited the Bead Museum in DC - it have an incredible historical bead collection. The staff was very friendly and full of beading information. This contest is sure to be a big hit!

Thanks for the link,

Heather Powers said...

thanks Elaine, I bet this was a great place to visit. Sounds like a great contest to me!