Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fit to Print Review - Semiprecious Salvage

I picked up Semiprecious Salvage by Stephanie Lee a few weeks ago and have been pouring over it, dreaming of working on some of the projects. Now, I'm not one to follow a pattern or project exactly, so this book which is filled with tutorials for techniques, is exactly what I love to read. What kind of projects? Altered art meets jewelry: etching on metal (I've wanted to try this forever), metalsmithing techniques, lots of new ways to use solder and copper tape, casting elements in plaster using vintage elements, along with some innovative jewelry construction techniques. Everything is explained in simple, low-tech terms with materials that are easily found. Filled with great step-by-step photos and inspiring photography, the images will set your creative muse to work.

There is a fun narrative for each project, as if they were unearthed from an archaeological dig. We all love jewelry with a story. Lee shows us how to create a sense of history with the projects in her book. The projects are really a jumping point for our own creativity, which is why I love this book! There are ample opportunities to sneak in your favorite art beads, any place a larger bead is used you can substitute for your favorite artist's creations. Tell your story through your jewelry creations, Semiprecious Salvage shows you ways to create ancient looking jewelry with an instant history. The more you can personalize the projects, the more they will become your story.


Beverly Herman said...

What a great book review!
I might need this book for my collection and inspiration

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Great review on a terrific book - snagged it a week ago and still riffling through the pages, no need to use in a particular order and fun stuff from cover-to-cover. Stephanie Lee has an update on her blog about the metal etching section, going to try myself tomorrow. And a visual feast, too.
Can you tell I liked the book?
LLYYNN - Lynn Davis