Thursday, April 10, 2008

Findings Worth Finding - Blue Moon Chains

Michael's Craft Store is carrying a whole line of interesting new findings by Blue Moon Beads. In particular, I love the chains and have been using them in some of my own designs.

I designed this necklace using 2 of the chains from Michael's as the backdrop for a sea of art beads.

Lorelei combined a set of Humblebeads' Van Gogh Disk beads with the same chain from Micheal's in a brass finish.

You can find the instructions for this bracelet on my blog.


Elaine said...

I really like both those pieces - the neutral, sort of industrial look of the chain and metal components mixed with the colourful (but subdued) tones of the clay make for a lost attic treasures look.

Joy said...

I've been holding on to those chains myself. They have a nice weight to them and I love the color. I've been trying to find out the metal content, just to know if there's any lead in them. Any idea?

Lori G said...

The brass, bronze and copper look is finally starting to grow on me. I just ordered some wire from Rio and can't wait to work with it. With the prices of silver, I bet this is only the beginning of these styles!

LLYYNN said...

Got some of the chain and tried out a patina on it, there's a thin layer of metal on top like a plating but if it's not left in the patina too long it darkens nicely. I'm talking seconds! then yank it out and neutralize the patina.
LLYYNN - Lynn Davis