Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Heart Magical Tools

Do you use beading wire? I do and I never cared for the look of the crimps. Soft-Flex has saved my crimps with their Magical Crimping Pliers. The Magical Crimping Pliers will turn the tube crimp into a lovely rounded bead shape. If you're new to using the tool, Soft Flex is there to help with a tutorial on how to use the magical crimping pliers.


Heather Powers said...

awesome Cindy! I have been looking at these for a few months wondering if they really worked. Thanks for the review, now I need to get a pair!

Anonymous said...

Good post. I like them too . Just be sure to read the directions on the size crimp to use as they don't work well on all sizes.

:) said...

I am a crimp purist. Always follow up a good crimp with a crimp cover and I just got good at it. But if this does it all for me that is even better. Does it really give good tough crimps?

Anonymous said...

Interesting, though it still seems to require a 2 step process, just doesn't have 2 notches like the original crimp pliers. Maybe this would be easier for people who haven't mastered regular crimping pliers before.

Unknown said...

They are great for embellishing - I like to use them to make earrings or to anchor beads in place on the wire for an illusion style necklace.

I'm glad that you love the tool!

Soft Flex Company