Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Bead Biz - Holiday Planning

It's looming...we all know it. We see those red and green decorations in the craft store, mocking us. The holiday shopping frenzy is around the corner, is that a chill that ran down your spine or do you have the air conditioner on too high? Need a game plan? The ABS is here to help! It's never too early to start.
1. Making gifts? Start early on your projects. Order kits and focal beads now from your favorite designers.
Candy Cane Necklace Kit from Jangles

2. If you sell your jewelry, you probably have your fall shows already lined up. Still looking? Here is an article on how to find arts shows in your area.
3. Order postcards now to send out to your mailing list this fall. Let them know if you have any special events planned and offer a free shipping discount if they order online. I love Vista Print, sign up for their mailing list to get the best offers.

Zephyr Merlot Squares by ExpeditonD

4. Dust off the shelves, the virtual ones! Now is a great time to do an overhaul on your website or Etsy shop. Here is a seller's checklist you might find helpful.

5. There is safety (and sales) in numbers - group together with other local artists to host an open house. Cross promote with fellow online shops - trade business cards with free shipping discounts to put in your orders. Ban together to promote each other on your blogs. If you sell on Etsy join at least two street teams.

Glass Links from Cindy Gimbrone

6. Create a line of simple and affordable jewelry pieces for impulse buys, think $30 and under. Earrings and pendants are perfect. Whip these items up in large batches to save time and money! Place your wholesale orders now for your supplies for these bread-and-butter items. Check to see if your favorite beadmakers offer a wholesale or designer discount.

Golden Latern Earrings from Humblebeads

7. Marketing - now is the time to send press releases or product announcements to blogs that feature handmade items. Check into some of the online gift guides to purchase ad space, look into banner ads on some of the more popular design blogs. Also, see if you can sponsor contests on these blogs during the holiday season.

8. If you are doing a local holiday market, work it! Send in a press release to your local newspaper on shopping for holiday gifts from local artists.

9. People buy from people they know, increase who you know through social networking. Basics are a blog, flickr, myspace/facebook, etc. There are more social networks than you can shake a stick it, so pick one or two, post your profile and make some new cyber friends.

Dot button from Creative Impressions in Clay

10. Make appointments now with galleries, boutiques and shops in your area, they are buying for Christmas now.

Do you have something to add to our list? I'd love to hear your ideas too!


Jennifer Cameron said...

Great post! Thanks for the tips. I will have to keep these in mind and try to get in the holiday spirit.

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion that works really well for me.Each year,no matter how hard we try,several cherished angels,tree ornaments,etc.,are broken or chipped by grandkids,kids,dods,cat & me.Some I can save.Others,I take apart & rework the useable pieces into jewelry,little add-ons for bows & wreathes.That way saves me some money,not much time(unless I start now),and just gets my spirits into the swing of things.This weekend,I plan to start by organizing my supplies_what is useable for Christmas,and what is not.And get my autumn colors out two!2 birds w/1 stone.And,thinking of birds***well***
Gail W.