Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Dirt on the Desperate Neighborhood Editor

Heather here. The fun and games ended abruptly last week when a mystery car showed up and the Desperate Art Bead Scene Editor was seen getting in with her bags in tow. We quickly compared notes on Hysteria Lane and we have to wonder what sort of hijinks has our neighbor got herself into this week?

First she was spotted rolling in the green.

Secondly, we've all be blinded by the extra bling she's been sporting.

And now it's been reported that she was casing out art museums in a certain Windy City. Hmm, just makes you wonder who your neighbors really are here Hysteria Lane.

The Desperate Editor isn't the only one we have our eyes on this week, here is what the rest of the bead blogging bunch has been reporting: Jewelry Making Tammy's collected a load of links featuring jewelry related news and events around the web.

Barbe Saint John - New Jewelry from Forgotten Artifacts Looking at some of my fave suppliers.

BeadStyle Magazine New video interview at Meet Melissa Cable whose necklace is featured in the September 2008 issue.

Carter Seibels for Divali Glass Jewelry Who says the grass is always greener on the other side? Stop by Carter's blog for a sneak peek at her green and grassy new bead display.

Jennifer Jangles Blog Jennifer shows off her very loved tools.

Jewelry & Beading Wendy Van Camp has written a wonderful tutorial for J&B on how to make adorable earrings!

Katie's Beading Blog Back to school already? Make summer last a little longer with this fun, jangly necklace from the August issue of Simply Beads.

Savvy Crafter Looking for the perfect tumbler? Candie's got the answer!

Strands of Beads Melissa cracks some geodes to add to her jewelry making stash.

Have you heard any good dirt in the beading world? We'd love for you to share!


rosebud101 said...

This is great, but I'm always the last to know!

barbe said...

wow, those are gorgeous!!!