Friday, August 15, 2008

The Trendy Bead - Goes for the Gold

Nothing says trendy like current cultural events. Whip up something this weekend to celebrate the Olympic games and the peace and unity that they represent.
Life-long dreams are achieved at the Olympics, wear this pendant to remind yourself to chase after your dreams. Dream Pendant from ExpeditionD.

Despite political differences, the world unites to celebrate the Olympians and the hope of peace. Everything you need to make a great pendant necklace is included in this Tibetan Prayer Mix from Cindy Gimbrone.

Go for the gold with these yellow hoops from Jangles. I could see you sporting earrings made with these fun gold hoops while you cheer on the record breakers!

All the world watches and supports their teams. Coin Buttons from around the world would make a great charm bracelet. Coins from Creative Impressions in Clay.
Create a lariat using Cherry Blossom beads to honor the beauty of China and the hope we have for the future. Cherry Blossom Beads from Humblebeads.
Join Cindy Gimbrone tomorrow to see what's new in her studio. There is still time to enter last week's Studio Saturday for the chance to win one of Lynn's beads.
The Trendy Bead is written by bead artist and designer, Heather Powers.


Beverly Herman said...

Heather thanks for a great trendy report. I have been beading away watching the Olympics.

Beverly Herman said...
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CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Nice way to track the Olympic trend.

industrialpoppy said...

Great finds to celebrate the games! I too have done a piece that was inspired the the ancient games-in some ways things have not changed that much in spite of centuries having passed! Check it out :)