Saturday, August 9, 2008

Studio Saturday - Talking Beads

Welcome to Studio Saturday! Each week one of our contributors gives you a sneak peek into their studio, creative process or inspirations. We ask a related question of our readers and hope you'll leave comments! As an incentive we offer a free prize each week to bribe you to use that keyboard. The following week we choose a random winner.This week's winner is Linda Starr! Please send your postal address to the ABS Suggestion Box to receive your Owl Bead from Humblebeads!

Welcome to the LLYYNN studio, pardon the mess, this week has been a very active bead-a-thon working on a new idea for a bead design. The idea is to reproduce an historic type of ceramic image in porcelain, not the exact method of making the image but the spirit or inspiration of the translucent porcelain.

There is a lot more information about the source of the porcelain inspiration at LLYYNN blog.

The theme of the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge for August is 'Something to Say' - beads with words, designs that say something.

Here is a sample of my combination of the two things that I've been working on, the faux ceramic images and the word beads for the August challenge 'Something to Say'. The first and immediate decision was what word to put onto the bead. Something different, special and not too obvious.

The word is 'B-R-E-A-T-H-E' - [Middle English brethen, from breth, breath; see breath.]

When I looked it up I learned some interesting feelings and meanings for this word in common use in the english language, some not so obvious, for example:

1. To inhale and exhale air, especially when naturally and freely.
2. To be alive; live: A nicer person has never breathed.
3. To pause to rest or regain breath: Give me a moment to breathe.
4. To move or blow gently, as air.
5. To allow air to pass through: a natural fabric that breathes.
6. To be exhaled or emanated, as a fragrance.
7. To be manifested or suggested, as an idea or feeling: A sense of calm breathed from the landscape.
8. To reach fullness of flavor and aroma through exposure to air. Used chiefly of wine.
9. To inhale (an aroma, for example): breathe the lush scent of lilacs.
10. To impart as if by breathing; instill: an artist who knows how to breathe life into a portrait.
11. To utter, especially quietly: Don't breathe a word of this.
12. To make apparent or manifest; suggest: Their manner breathed self-satisfaction.
13. To allow (a person or animal) to rest or regain breath.
14. Linguistics To utter with a voiceless exhalation of air.

Breathe easily/easy/freely - To be relaxed or relieved, especially after a period of tension.

Who would imagine that so many meanings and colorful ideas, mental pictures, could come from just seven letters of the alphabet. If it is worn as a pendant or focal bead in jewelry, the little word bead can remind, inspire and uplift every time it is noticed.

So here's the question posed to you, if your answer is chosen you will win one of my new zephyr style beads in a natural porcelain bisque color:

If you could have your favorite word on a bead, charm or etched metal plaque to wear in a jewelry design, what word of ten letters or less would you choose - and why is that one your favorite, what does that word mean to you.

Take a deep breath and ponder, exhale, then post your comment to get a chance to win.


Ring by Ring Designs said...

I really like breathe but I guess that is taken. I was just sitting down to the computer and started reading this blog entry. I needed to just breathe. I won't go into any details but I just needed to breathe! It seemed so good to see that word right now.
Anyhow, my next choice would be "relax". Not the usual way you think of relax where you go away and relax by doing something else. At any point in the day you can relax! Breathe and adjust your attitude. Look out the window, block out the everyday noise and relax.
I checked the dictionary and it has lots of meanings but the one I liked best is "to make less severe or stringent : modify"
Anyway "relax" is my suggestion


rosebud101 said...

I took a breath and I really did breathe. The bead is gorgeous!

wired4inspiration said...

Along similar lines of thought, I would choose the word "inspire". One definition is similar to breathe as to "inhale deeply".

I prefer a more spiritual meaning such as "to exalt or heighten the imagination". I would particularly appreciate wearing this word on a piece of jewelry because it reminds me that inspiration and imagination can come to us in both the extraordinary and the ordinary experiences of daily life.

And it is a two way street. Just as we can be inspired by someone or something, we can be the inspiration for others. This is certainly true in the beading world which is filled with so many imaginative and inspiring people and ideas!!

Anonymous said...

I think "breathe" is an excellent choice, especially in light of the hectic lives so many of us lead. However, in the interest of coming up with a different word, I'll say "choose". It's so easy to get stuck in a rut, and feel that things have to happen a certain way, when there are often choices we can make. There are times when I need to remind myself of that.


AJ said...

I'd like to see "Adventure" on a bead/pendant/charm. It's a fun word, and it can mean a lot of things to different people -- to make life itself a grand adventure, to set out on an adventure (a journey to a far-away country), or maybe you just enjoy adventuring in roleplaying games. I'd like to make jewelry that encourages that sort of adventurous spirit!

Donna said...

I've been trying to come up with one single word since you've posted this month's challenge. Don't have one yet.

(Is Hmmmmm....????? a word?)

Unknown said...

On different days it would be different words, but today I would choose "trust". Trust, to me, means believing that someone, something, some idea is valuable and true and worthy of one's time and energy.

It's something I struggle with a lot from time to time anyway, and it seems I'm not the only one. Particularly this week, when we made a very critical life-choice that isn't making sense to most people, but which we KNOW is the right one for us, I have had to keep reminding myself to trust what we know and what we believe in, not what anyone else says.

Amanda said...

I'm surprised no one has said it yet, but I would put "Love" on a bead.

Love doesn't have to be romantic. It's something that we all do somehow. I would definitely put it on something I wear every day, because sometimes I just "forget" how to love.

Sometimes, I forget to stop and embrace everything around me, and savor these things for their own uniqueness. I think that we all do. We get caught up in our lives, our jobs, the world around us, and we forget to love even the most basic thing: ourselves. So many people go through life and they do not think to value the moments that ought to touch them: laughing with friends on a sunny, cool day; the inner glow that you feel after you've created something; the freedom to live as they choose, love whomever they choose, and be the kind of person that they want. I find myself forgetting to love life when I get busy and stressed.

I also struggle with being a very impatient and sometimes hateful person. I so rarely stop to love the world around me, and open my heart to the people who don't wiggle their way in. Most of the near-strangers we might not think to smile at in the elevator are good people, just as deserving of love as we feel that we are. People deserve a person's platonic love and respect just by existing. I don't know about in other countries, but here in America, most people simply do not love those around them. I aspire to be a more loving person, and to make everyone feel equal and welcome in my presence.

There is familial love. There is romantic love. There is "platonic love" (although I read somewhere that the term platonic is actually incorrectly used in that phrase).

The biggest love that people seem to be missing though, which I briefly mentioned before, is love for themselves. Loving yourself doesn't automatically turn you into a narcissist. In fact, loving yourself is the first step to truly loving anything and everything around you. It is said that you cannot love properly in a romantic relationship until you love yourself. I look around and see so many people that do not love themselves, and it saddens me. If people were to love themselves, I feel that it would enhance the overall level of acceptance and tolerance in this day and age.

Love your body. So many people want to change themselves, so many people want to change their bodies, but it would be so much easier (and, in fact, a little bit healthier) if they simply embraced the way they looked. If you're healthy, who cares if you're two pounds overweight?
Love your creativeness, your talents. Love your positive traits, and love yourself despite the negative. Love your quirky side.

You are a human being, deserving of great love and capable of even more than that. Love -everything- around you, if only because there is absolutely no reason not to. Love betters the world, and the people in it. In my eyes, love begets everything else. Really, think about it: without love, even hate would not have a place among the world. I think everyone should keep love in mind. I know I try to.

Lisa Martin said...

I would pick the word persevere. In spite of the difficulties, the discouragment, the opposition, stay focused on your plans and keep going for it.
Actually, for some strange reason butternut is my favorite word. But, I wouldn't put that on anything, I don't think! I don't know why, but I've really liked that word since I was a child. It has an extra specialness to me, can't explain it..

jeanine said...

The word that comes to mind is "cherish". I try to remember to enjoy the moment,to be thankful for what I have and for what is to come.

Andi said...

I'm somewhat torn... My first thought was "Balance". It's probably the Libra in me but I love the different meanings, from "a state of equilibrium" to the notion in dance of balancing a partner and the idea of measure and countermeasure.

That said, "Equality" and "Devotion" both have a lot of resonance for me as well. Equality probably for some of the same reasons as "balance" and devotion because of the various ways in which one can be devoted to someone or something.

I love the new beads.

Jen Judd said...

My word is "energy" because I need it! I have just been at the beach for a week and feel revitalized, so I can totally see ENERGY mixed with vibrant colors and wild textures to become a motivating force for me!! Plus, I have finally faced the fact that I have to lose some weight and in order to get that done, I need to look inside and find that energy that will push me out the door and down the street for a walk instead of into the kitchen looking for a snack. :)

Ciao!! Jen

Bead-Mused said...

I have two words: "calm" and "reflect". So many of us rush through life. We rarely have time to just sit calmly, doing nothing. We also very seldom sit and reflect on the day, on our lives, on our futures. Both of these are things I strive to do on a regular basis, but sometimes life just interferes. Here's to calm time to reflect.

Rosanne said...

Breathe is the word that has the most meaning for me. I have to remind myself often to take a deep breath and exhale. It really helps to lower your blood pressure if your stressed. Just plain calming and I need that a lot lately. I just want to say also that I love your beads.

Anonymous said...

My word is Enjoy. It reminds me to be positive and see the beauty around me. Life is too short not to enjoy it! Mary

gaela said...

There are so many great words, so it's terribly hard to decide on just one when asked. New Day~New Word. So I'll pick one out of a hat..... smooth. yes SMOOTH, I like the way it flows from my lips ~ hey, Flow is a very good word too :)

Danne said...

Hmmm ... I like so many although I would have to choose the word "IS".

It seems to me that it can be a powerful word for two little letters. When I want to create something, I think about it and a short while later - there it IS. Where ever I am physically, spiritually etc It just IS. Kinda like taking every moment and just saying ! It IS what It IS. :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite word today is LIVE.Act as if today might be the last day of your life.To watch the sunrise,to cherish all that we take for granted.Take the time to create a work of art that your family will see and still feel your spirit.We all rush aroud trying to get the many chores done to find time to create something,a small piece of our soul in that last piece of art.I need the time to live.To really LIVE my life th the fullest.

Mary Meredith said...

The word "reflect" means a lot to me, not just at this point in my life but also living year-to-year. To "reflect" allows you to see yourself clearly: your past actions and events, attitudes, joys, losses, successes and failures. It allows you to slow down and examine how your past may impact your future.

Victoria said...

Evolve. To gradually change and improve over time to become something better/more advanced/more complex. I think this is something everyone does over the course of their lives, and should strive to do so for the better.

Sally Sotelo said...

I suppose the word that I would choose would be "abundance". To have abundance of all of the good things in life. An abundance of love, color, art, inspiration, etc. I just really like that word. Oh and I really like your beads also! Thanks,

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Wow, what great suggestions and reflections on meanings. Aren't words great? If I picked another one, it would be CHOOSE - for choosing life the way it is, choosing to enjoy the situation. Choosing to be present in the now of the moment. And thanks for the nice words about the beads, I choose to be flattered and encouraged!

I thought there might be some saucy words too, like PRINCESS or WORRYWART - wouldn't those be fun on a bead? I know someone who would wear one of those and get a big laugh out of it ...

Anonymous said...

I have 3 words that mean a lot to me and they are Freedom, Choice, and Peace.

In this country of ours we are suppose to have freedom to make choice's in our life. Sometimes we make the wrong choices and sometimes we make the right choice's for ourselves or others.

When I am in my studio I feel at peace and I feel the freedom to make different choice's. Choice's in which colors to use and the freedom to try new ways of making a clasp or weaving a neckless and mixing color palates in which beads will be used in my next project.

Having freedom of choice in my studio makes me feel at peace and freedom also makes me feel at one with nature and the colors in nature to choose from. Peaceful colors. Its very hard to explain in words. But it is very easy to express in my work.

Anonymous said...

maybe I've been watching too much olympics. I love the gymnastics, makes me think "focus" would be a good one

Anonymous said...

Faith....that word goes a long way. Not just in the spiritual meaning, but in all that applies to our lives. Faith in ourselves, others, life, and living.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

PRAY That's my word! Not en ough of it and I pray all the time and I would love to make or buy a charm or bead with that word. Very powerful! Happy Beading :)

Anonymous said...

I definitely choose the word "breathe" right now. This summer has meant extremely severe asthma attacks, followed by panic attacks for I fear that I may never be able to take a breath again. All my projects have gone forgotten...