Friday, August 8, 2008

The Trendy Bead - Fall 2008 Color Trends

Color Forecast from Fire Mountain Gems
I know we aren't quite ready to give up summer. But if you are getting ready for the fall/holiday selling season your mind is already on what colors and trends are on the horizon for the fast approaching cooler months. This fall, instead of traditional earthy hues in warm undertones, the trend is cooler shades of blue, green and purple. Here are some of my favorite art bead picks highlighting the fall color palette.
Here we have a Toggle from Jangles in shades of Imperial Plum, Lagoon and Avocado.

Lorelei's Better Fly Home Bracelet has shades of Patriotic Blue, Sweet Paprika with Avocado and little touch of Palomino.

Reactive Blue Spiral from Cindy Gimbrone is a perfect match for Midnight Sapphire with few highlights of Lagoon.

Fleur-De-Lis Clasp from Creative Impressions in Clay in a wonderful shade of purple that I'd say matches up with Fandango in the color chart.
A Humblebeads Poppy bead in Burnt Brick with a variation of Minty Fresh and Sandy Taupe.

Prairie Leaf Squares from Expedition D are dead-on for Palomino. A more traditional fall color and theme, classics are always in style!

Need some more fall fashion inspiration? Check out Anthropologie. I love getting their catalog in the mail!

Don't forget to stop by for tomorrow's Studio Saturday post with Lynn Davis. There is still time to win one of my new owl pendants.


AJ said...

I'm glad to see a few greens in the mix for Fall! I've been in heaven with all of the green clothing available this year ;) And having an excuse to use green beads always makes me a happy woman.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

The color chart is so helpful, Heather, I've been wishing I knew what might be coming up for the season ahead, did a search for fall fashion color trends but didn't find anything as nifty as that chart!

Lorelei Eurto said...

Thank you for featuring my bracelet Heather!

Anonymous said...

I recieve FireMountain catalog,several times a year.This year there are so many people wanting to make their own jewellry,they send out smaller catalogs every 2 months,it seems.Until I saw your interpretation of the color chart,I wasn't happy at all!All those bright colors>Thank you ,Heather,for helping me see the colors in a way I like &can use.
Gail W.

Anonymous said...

LOVE all the colors in that chart. I'd end up being the crazy person who would try my damndest to put all of those colors in to one piece!


Amanda said...

Oh man.
I am ALL OVER that Fandango color.

I do quite like the choices on this chart... maybe it's just because they're side by side, but they all carry this air of sophistication that can easily be turned into something fun -and- chic.

Bea said...

I'm always fascinated to see the new colors of the season -- they give me so many ideas.

What I really like is how you've taken the time to interpret it and show how to implement it. That really gives a good idea of how to use the color chart to make selections...otherwise, I keep going for the same old colors.

Thanks for investing in your readers!

Leila Marvel said...

These colors are wonderful, even before knowing these colors it seemed like my latest pieces used royal blue, gold, amber and emerald city. Thank you.