Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ornament Thursday - Academia

Words of Wisdom for jewelry designers:

1. Don't worry about making mistakes, creativity is really just taking risks.

2. Push past your color safety-net and look for new inspiration. Borrow color palettes from nature, art history or fashion.

3. Overwhelmed with where to start on a new design? Pull out only a few items and challenge yourself to use only what you've selected.

4. Find inspiration from unlikely sources. Love architecture? Have a favorite city? Love to study biology? Use your obscure passions as a source for your next jewelry design.

5. Throw in the kitchen sink! It doesn't have to come from a bead store to be used in your jewelry. Look for components from hardware stores, scrapbooking sections, altered art supplies, fabric or yarn stores, toy stores, antique shops, etc.

Golden Rule Charm Bracelet

I created the dangles for this charm bracelet using a few items to remind me of life lessons I need to remember. This is my project for this month's Ornament Thursday theme, Academia.

1. The ruler charm to remember the golden rule, "Do onto others as you'd like to have done unto you."

2. The acorn turned upside down and filled with beads to remind myself that my cup is overflowing.

3. The owl as a reminder to seek wisdom and understanding.

4. The stained glass charm to remind myself to keep the faith.

5. The colors - green was used to symbolize growth and moving forward. Blue to symbolize that my spirit needs to be refreshed and not to spend too much time working.

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Blogged by Heather Powers of Humblebeads.


Lorelei Eurto said...

That's all it takes, just one post from Heather Powers and I'm all rearing to go and inspired!
Lovely bracelet heather! I love the lessons and symbolism. Perfect and the owl is my favorite part!

too bad I have to go back to work

Lisa said...

Love the advice and the bracelet! I'm off to save the advice for when I'm having designer doldrums...

barbe said...

AMEN!!! love the bracelet too!

Michelle McGee said...

Man, I love this!! Love the "golden rule" meaning, the charms and all the significance!

Lisa Martin said...

Wow! I love that bracelet. I love this blog! :) Very clever acorn it.
Wish I had more time to create, things are happening, but happening slowly.. oh well. I think I would have to create a patience or diligence charm for my bracelet. Super cool idea and design Heather!