Friday, December 26, 2008

Best of the ABS - Bead Storage

The never ending quest to tame those wild beasts...This post first appeared on 3/24 and yes, my beads are still unorganized!

I'm in the process of organizing and updating my studio, so storage is on my mind today. How do you store your beads? Any great tips or photos of your workspace? I'd love to see them. I need some inspiration and encouragement to know that there is hope for this train wreck of a room!

Some great tips were shared by the Beading Daily readers not too long ago.

Beverly Herman has made a call out for the Bead Whisper, it seems her beads are getting a little wild too. At one time she was organized.

Here is an article from Kathy Redding - Organize me!

Robin Atkins offers some tips for bead storage that uses zip lock bags for the most part.

Eni Oken has a stylish and practical solution for organizing her beads and keeping track of the cost of her materials.

Jill Mackay shared two creative storage systems that she went all DIY to create!

Here is a great way to store and display your art beads.

I'm sure for each beader there is a different system and method for storing the stuff of creative dreams. The trick is to find what works for you and helps you work more productively!


VAharoni said...

Plastic shoe boxes. Anything else is too restrictive and becomes a mess too fast!
They are labeled and shelved. Clear, so I can view what is inside. Cheap, readily available. Uniform in size. And I never have enough.
Use 'em for everything. Beads. Wire. Findings. Molds. Clay. Powders. Inks. Stamps.
Organized by where I 'shove'em in the studio!

Anonymous said...

This is excellent, perfect timing! I was looking at my bead collection the other day after buying yet more beads, and realised my organising technique was good when I started out, but need a drastic revamp.

But, when starting out I used boxes found at electrical supply shops, as I could put dividers in wherever I wanted and make the compartments whichever size I liked. They were also clear, so I could see what was in which box.

Heather Powers said...

I like clear boxes too Valerie and Fire Phoniex. I find that I use the basic craft storage boxes, stacked on a tall shelf next to my bead table. Of course, you can see the surface of my bead table, so there seems to be a fatal flaw in my system!