Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Class Act

Do you have cabin fever?  Need to get out of the house and spend time with other creative folks?  Check out some of the upcoming beading events that offer amazing classes.

March 12-14 in San Francisco
Jean Cambell, Marcia Decoster and Maggie Meister offer up a dream weekend for those in love with seed beads. 

 March 18 - 21 in Santa Fe
There is a class for every medium.  I'd take a Tracy Stanely class if I were going!

March 2 - 7th in Houston.
This is the place for all you mixed media fans.

And of course, do check out your local bead shop or bead society for classes offered in your area.


Andrew Thornton said...

Don't forget all the fun at the Soft Flex show in Hawaii!

Katie said...

I'll be at Beading by the Bay! Can't wait to see Marcia again and meet Jean Campbell and Maggie Meister! If anyone else is going, I'll see you there :o)