Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Art Bead Palette :: Pajego Art House

Three Tone Rustic Sunshine Water and Sage Ceramic Clasp by PajegoArtHouse

Two Tone Rustic Earth and Water Ceramic Clasp by PajegoArtHouse

Tufted Rust and Water Birdie Clasp by PajegoArtHouse

I have to confess that when I made jewelry, I didn't spend a whole lot of time thinking about the clasps. Mostly for me, it was all about function, something to hold a bracelet or necklace on. I usually opted for clasps that didn't draw a lot of attention, and that would blend into the overall design instead of standing out.

Boy, was I missing out!

When I stumbled across an Etsy shop called Pajego Art House, I couldn't help but pause. What lovely, colorful clasps! Now these are clasps that demand and deserve a little attention, don't you think? Much more in line with a focal than something to hide, I found a few favorites to share with you today.

To see more, be sure to click on over and see the lovely ceramic work!

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lunedreams said...

Delicious! Now I want to go make stuff in those colors!