Saturday, August 15, 2009

Studio Saturday: Frost is in the Air!

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Welcome to the studio of Cindy Gimbrone and Studio Saturday!

Here at Studio Saturday, the editors of the Art Bead Scene have talked alot about re-fueling and re-energizing. Like my cohorts, I've spent the summer learning new techniques such as mold making,

bronze metal clay

(pppsssstttt! That's the back of a new pendant and connector series I'll unveil on my blog next week)

and I even drove to Corning to take a week long glass beadmaking class.

Since then, I've been in the studio making sure I'm ready for fall when jewelry designers and crafters start to make their holiday gifts and frost forms on the still green grass.

Reminiscent of that morning frost, I've made the Frost Links. I work to create a "green studio" so the frost on the links is created using a tumbler rather than a chemical etch.

In addition to the colors above, the Frost Links come in a lovely green pear color and a white frost. I love the feel of these so much so, I can't stop making them in every transparent color I can get my hands on!

So, tell me, have you spent time re-newing and re-energizing? Do you create with an eye on making your studio green? Do you feel fall coming? Leave a comment and tell me about what you've been up to and you'll win one of White Frost Links. I look forward to reading your comments!


Alice said...

Love, love, love those frost links! I saw the pear colored ones on another blog.

Right now I am recouping after a wonderful but exhausting family vacation to Washington DC, and the only thing I'm energized about is getting those piles of laundry done.

I have read about going green in jewelry making, but honestly have not gone further to implement any of those ideas. Kudos to those of you who can make it work in your studio!

It's hot and humid here in Kansas, so it's difficult to think of Autumn now. But I have dug out a lot of my beads that make me think of Autumn--that's a start!


Gail Whitehead said...

Cindy,I love your new links,they look so touchable and soft.I'd love to own 1 or 2.I've been stuck in a rut,lots' of freefloating energy.Maybe I need something new to focus on!

Laura said...

These frosty links are Great! And I very much enjoy your blog!
I've started working on some beaded Christmas gifts, so I guess "frost" is in my mind, too.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those cookies taste as good as they look?

Tara Finlay said...

Where do you live? I live quite close to corning.

Ann said...

I try to view all trips as a rejuvenation, but when I can't get away I try to view each outing (even grocery shopping) as a time to pick up something inspiring. Leaves on trees, cloud shapes, birds, insects, everything.

I am trying to keep a journal where I sketch things I have seen and maybe something will inspire in the future. It is a never ending process, isn't it?

Love your frost links! Keep it up!

terin said...

The frost links are incredible. I wish I could find the time (and talent) to do something like that. The week long class sounds awesome. I have just been using basic old beads with the same basic techniques. But I did buy a couple of books that I am hoping to inspire me.

rosebud101 said...

I would love to be more "green" when I etch my beads, however, when I try to etch in the tumbler, I come out with very clean beads but no etching! I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

As far as fall goes, I'm already seeing yellow leaves on the trees.

Amber Leilani said...

the frost links are amazing! i love the shape and the texture.

as far as re-energizing i guess you could say i was forced into it this summer: i was "temporarily" laid off for a month.
at the same time, we moved into a bigger apartment so i could have a studio. i spent that month teaching myself bead embroidery. i have found learning new techniques can be quite envigorating.
and, after thinking long and hard about being laid off... i resigned from my job and took a better one! so i guess that is re-energizing in a way, as well.

The Joy of Nesting said...

Hi Cindy,

First I have to tell you I finally received my/your Ganesh bead via "Mule"service!!!! It's beautiful and I'm looking forward to using it!!! Thank you again!!

I love the new frosted rings they look as close to sea glass as "mermaid tears" So would these be "mermaid lifesavors" ?? I have only been using natural food/vegetation recipes for aging or dying metal,wood,&fabrics. Lead free solder, water soluble paints and glues as much as possible. It's not much and I'm only a small artist but I figure a little is still far better then none :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico.

cindy said...

I have not slowed down at all! Since I've been unemployed, (from a regular day job), I've spent this summer looking for working, making new resumes, creating more jewelry, taking classes, and sweating! Do I feel fall coming? What's that? Here in Florida, it will continue to be hot through Thanksgiving, at least.

Anonymous said...

I love those frost links, they are gorgeous.
I find inspiration in nature mostly, wherever i go i always imagine what i could do with this and that, even if it is a twig.
I am just starting in making jewellery so i am trying a bit of everything. The fall here will be coming soon and i can't wait to see the colours on the trees.
Have a lovely week-end
Pat x

Kiwiken said...

Oh, those links are beautiful! I love the soft colours, and they look so smooth!

I haven't spend any time re-energizing, no vacation this summer, but I'm planning to take one week off next month :)
Make my studio green... well, unfortunately, polymer clay is not a very "green" material to begin with. My gift boxes are made of recycled wallpapers, and I like to recycle parts of broken jewelry in my creations, but that's about all I'm afraid.
Do I feel fall coming? Oh yes, I do, and since I do not feel that summer had really started, I'm very sad for once, though i normally love fall.

Lorelei Eurto said...

Hi Cindy! I am actually looking forward to the Fall season. I am quite influenced by the seasons in my work and can't wait to start beading more with leaves and acorns, and photographing my jewelry on plucked colorful maple leaves.
I love the idea of making my studio green. I saw a great book lately at B&N called Green Craft, put out by Stampington & Co.

Silver Surfer said...

The frosted links are beautiful..

Marcie Abney Carroll said...

I do like the idea that you use a tumbler instead of chemicals. As far as me "going green". I try to "harvest" jewelry supplies from other sources. For example, I had a few co-workers who brought me bags and bags of their old jewelry and in exchange asked that I make them a piece incorporating some of it. I did and kept the rest! I'm still using some of the things that she gave me. Also, bead swaps are a great way to avoid throwing away beads that could be used somewhere else. You never know, sometimes it just takes a new creative mind to use something that you thought was useless!

sharon said...

I've started creating mixed media, and it has given me new insight and perspective into jewelry making, it's amazing! I saw your green frost links on your blog, they are luscious in any color Cindy!!

Angenita said...

Just love the frost links you made, they are beautifull.
I try to work a little green by reusing stuff.
It doesn't feel like fall is near, but maybe that's becouse my vacation hasn't start yet.

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

Love the Frost Links... I really like the organic flow they have!

I've been trying to reuse all the stuff in my studio before going out to buy new or make new...

Also have been into trading for stuff to try to curb my appetite for overspending impulsively...

It comes and goes in waves... much like the beach and summer season. It will soon be gone and I'm already looking in to fall glaze color palettes to concentrate on...

SueBeads said...

I am renewing on the beach right now - I'd love to do the tumbler thing instead of etch! I do have thousands of shorts that I don't know what to do with - maybe that could be a post one day - ideas for what to do with all the glass shorts?!?!?! I do feel fall coming - kids go back to school soon, wahoo!

Jen Judd said...

OOooooohhh! I want to reach out and touch those rings! They really are wonderfully appealing! I can see how you'd get addicted and want them in all shapes and sizes.

I'm trying to re-energize after my big move with some fresh project ideas. When I left Virginia, I had to pack everything up, so it was a fresh start here with everything unpacked. I've found bits that I forgot I had and now want to design around them!

Michelle said...

The links are lovely...the colors remind me of spring. I'v been designing fall stuff for at least a month or more. It's my favorite time of year! Those luscious greens, rusts, burgundies....they are calling me rigt now.


Valerie C of "Cline Jewels" said...

I have been doing booth work for several months now and trying to come up with new ideas at the same time I forgot that fall is come real soon for most people anyway. I live in Las Vegas so it will be hot hot hot until about Xmas time and that is when my booth work will end until March and then it starts all over again.

I do try to keep up with the seasons but right now I am just trying to keep up with my booth and keeping it filled. Those frosty links would look great in a pair of earings.

Cynthia said...

Your frost links are so cool, but, with temps in the 90's here in Philly, they look more like ice cubes in a cool beverage to me!