Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mobile Blogging

It's an on the go world and I'm finally catching up.  I was gifted an Ipod for Christmas and found some fun apps I wanted to share with you.  While you couldn't use a mobile device to capture photos that were good enough for product shots for selling online, you can definitely create some visually appealing photos that are great for blogging or sharing a work in progress.

First up my favorite app - the Instagram.  You can alter your photos to look like hip old photos.  This is the original photo and above is with the Instagram filter 'lomo fi'. 
Another filter and yes it does the rounded corners and borders automatically - sweet!
You can also download a free Photoshop Express App that does cropping, filters, borders and effects too.  Above is a photo using the vignette blur effect.

Now to blog directly from your mobile device check out this tutorial from Beverly Herman of No Easy Beads.

A few other apps I can see as being super handy for small businesses:

Dropbox - store your photos and files securely, there is a subscription service.  I back up all of my work on Dropbox and it has saved me from a recent computer crash disaster.  You can add your mobile files to your Dropbox account.

Evernote - keep track of all your good ideas and leads for blogging stories.  You can download this for your pc too and sync with your mobile device.

Todo Lite - who doesn't love checking off items on a to-do list?

Dragon Dictation - speak and it types for you.  Hmm, can I make beads and 'write' a blog post at the same time - we shall see.

What app do you love?  And please don't even mention Angry Birds.


Patty said...

What's wrong with Angry Birds? :-)

Here's one that I learned about recently that will blow your mind - Word Lens. You hold your iPhone in front of written words and it will translate them into another language...just from the picture.'s FREE!

Heather Powers said...

That sounds pretty cool Patty! Angry birds - I could waste so much time flinging those darn things!

Carmen said...

Són preciosos. Feliç any 2011 !!

Beverly Herman said...

Don't forget your etsy apps available for smart phones and iPhone and iPod touch.
Keep track of your sales. Mark your favorites and you can search for items.
I have Etsy Addict. Here is a link for the list of apps.

Alice said...

Oh dear, I can barely navigate blogger, and just use my phone for---making calls on the road. I'm so far behind the times when it comes to tech stuff, I don't even have an Iphone, or Ipad. Nope, just a regular plain jane cell phone and my trusty PC.

Those apps sound pretty cool! And now you've got me wondering what the Angry Birds app does.

TesoriTrovati said...

The kids got iPod Touch devices for Christmas... remind me to tell you the funny tale of that!

I love these apps! I might have to get one of these things for myself, since I had hoped that I could use one of the kids iPods for using the Cube for taking credit cards, but I suspect I will have a hard time prying it out of their little hands!
Enjoy the day! And your stay with family!