Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday - Sly Fox Pendant

Humblebeads Fox Bead 
36.5 x 25 brass oval connector
32mm brass leaf charm
15mm jump ring
3 12mm wood beads
4 3mm brass faceted nuggets
2 7mm brass jump rings
1 5.5mm brass jump ring
1 4mm brass jump ring
2 2" brass headpin
2 30" lengths of waxed linen

Chain nose
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters
Ball been hammer
Bench block
Metal letter stamps
Paint or patina (I used Swellegant, but any patina paint will work.)
Buffing block
1. Hammer the word SLY onto the brass connector and use the round end of the ball peen 
hammer to create texture. Use a buffing block to bring out the highlights of the metal. 
2. Paint the feather with either a patina system or with acrylic paint, seal with matte 
3. String the fox bead onto the headpin, create a loop. 
4. Open one 7mm jump ring, add on the brass connector and three brass nugget 
beads. Close jump ring. 
5. Add a 7mm jump ring onto the last one and slip the fox onto this ring and close. 
6. Add the first jump ring onto the 15mm jump ring. 
7. Add the 4mm jump ring onto the feather. Attach the feather jump ring to the connector 
with a 5.5mm jump ring, adding one brass nugget bead to the ring before closing it. 
8. With the 2 strands of linen create a Lark Heads Knot around 15mm jump ring. 
9. Knot all four strands together and string on a wooden bead. Knot all 4 threads at the 
top of the bead. 
10. Separate the strands so two are on each side. Create knots an 1" apart to the desired 
length. Leave 2" on both ends 
11. String a wooden bead on the end of the linen, knot and trim the ends. Repeat on the 
other side. To secure the necklace, thread the bead through the last two knots on the 
linen. You can wear the necklace long or short depending on where you thread the beads 
through on the knotted cord. 

Nuggets: Rings & Things. 
Patina: B'Sue Boutiques. 
Fox: Humblebeads. 
Everything Else: Hobby Lobby

 Print out the instructions here. This project was original published at Humblebeads.com


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Thank you. You are a wonderful teacher.

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I love your design!

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What a beautiful necklace! Thanks for sharing the tute!