Thursday, November 20, 2014

Art Bead Palette :: ZestyFrog

This week's art bead palette comes to us courtesy of ZestyFrog, a lovely ceramic bead shop run by Annica. In there, you can find all sorts of lovely ceramic beads in organic shapes and textures. That's definitely where Annica shines, in my opinion - all of her beads feel like little natural treasures.

For this palette, I chose Annica's organic medley bead set. The colors are fantastic and great for fall, what with the olive greens and mustard yellow. The possibilities for this bead set are incredible!

To see more, stop by Annica's shop! Which beads are your favorite?


Unknown said...

I can see that she is a busy girl :-) I really like the gilded stoneware bead set.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this gorgeous palette! ZestyFrog is one of my new favorite shops!

Cleopatra Kerckhof said...

I'm the happy owner of one of her bead sets: her work is gorgeous!