Thursday, April 7, 2016

April Challenge Color Palette

This month's amazing inspiration is from one of my favorite artists, Helen Frankenthaler. I fell in love with her abstract expressionist paintings and sophisticated use of color when I was in art school. This painting just makes me swoon.

I could make jewelry for days with this color palette. Love the pops of color in terracotta and orchid mixed with those succulent greens and balanced by those neutral hues. 

I could see you mixing in colors with leather, waxed linen, sari silk or color patina on chain. Get creative with how you use color in this month's challenge. 

I checked out the Art Bead Scene editor's shops for a few picks that would work perfect for this month's challenge. 

(Don't forget Tari can make any of her buttons into pendants for you!)

So what colors are you loving from this month's painting? 

Do you find the abstract paintings more freeing or more of a challenge to interpret? 

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I'm with you on the colors, they are very creamy to me. I love the softness and because she saturates her canvas the colors come off as dyed silk.
I keep pulling out the pink, cream and green.
I love abstract because it's like looking at clouds, I see all kinds of shapes. My goal is not to just pick a color but to represent the mood of the painting through my personality. I really try to always represent the painting.