Saturday, August 8, 2009

Studio Saturday Back From the Lake

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This week we visit the studio of Lynn Davis at ExpeditionD, who is totally mixing her media!

Hi, welcome to my studio. Even though it's been several weeks now I'm still somewhat recovering from a vacation over the Independence Day holiday week. Yes, I know that sounds like the sentence doesn't match up, you go on vacation to recover from regular life, don't you? Somehow even enjoyable travel takes a bit of a toll.

Since I did go and spend some time at the lake, I thought I'd share a nautical themed item I created out of cast pewter, with a color and texture to look like old scrimshaw in the backing of it.

this month's Art Bead Scene Challenge theme is one of my favorite japanese woodcut prints and it has a seven seas feeling to it, along with beautiful blue colors and inspiring mountain vistas.

I'm having a lot of fun mixing my media, and this piece has an adventure in publishing ahead of it! It's a secret project that will be showing up this winter, I can't wait. Until then, this little oval anchor will be sailing off to have its photograph taken, anchors aweigh and all that jazz!

I've also been mixing paper, glass and resin with my hand cast pewter to come up with invented vintage faux-tique medallions like this one. I'm enjoying the challenge of coming up with new and different combinations.

If you have something creative and bead-inclusive planned between now and Labor Day, share your vacation, class or beading plans, you might win a nautical-inspired bead too! What do you have planned for your end of summer?

Post your event ideas, get-togethers and summertime inspired plans and if your post wins, your nautically inspired hand cast pewter charm will be sent out to you quick as summer lightning!

Posted by Lynn Davis, who needs to get past the lazy days of summer and start getting ready for the end of the year season. Motivation!


Speaking of motivation, don't forget to upload your photos for the August Monthly Challenge to the ABS Flickr site - the prizes this month are fantastic!


Joyce P. said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for sharing. I am impressed and a bit jealous! Beautiful, innovative, and intricate, okay, enough about me! I really admire your work! Thanks again. Joyce

FrankandRox said...

well Labour day is coming fast! I have another week of vacation between now and then and I have one project in particular I want to get done. I'm working on a wall peice for my living room. I've purchased a metal abstract openwork type of thing that looks like a feild of cattails almost. I plan on adding some polymer clay touches to really bring it to life and maybe add some curved bits of vellum to give it a bit more dimenstion. Well I'm just gonna play and see how it turns out :)

Jeannie said...

Every year I sponsor and run a week long, Kids Health and Fitness Clinic. I gather the best of the best in our health community to contribute their expertise. We teach kids about health and fitness, keep them active all week and conduct lifestyle, health and fitness workshops all week for the parents. As a health and fitness professional it is such a joy for me to work with these kids. I love the last day when we hold ceremories and all the kids are acknowledged and go home with a big thropy.
Next...because the food shelves were badly in need of donates with the economy and everyone losing their jobs, In May I taught a jewelry making class. The class was FREE as long as you brought 5 items for the shelf. It was such a hit I'm going to do it again next weekend. I got the whole city involved and free advertising in our local newspaper...for the class.

Gail whitehead said...

I'm planning on learning alot about resins.I was interested in learning,and when I accidentally ordered 2 sets' of the resins,I'm feeling my fate was sealed-in resin.I'd like to have a good book or good tutorials in resins and all the things that can be done,but I admit,I don't know anything about resins.Can anyone suggest a great step-by-step book?Thanks,hope all of y'all had a great summer!

rosebud101 said...

I'm painting the deck outside. Does that qualify as summer plans?

Designs by Blanche said...

Your designs are amaZING! I am an avid follower, and once I get my table cleared of already started projects, I am going to ZOOM in on your components. I ADORE your anchor piece! (hope I win!)


Tiffany said...

I plan on spending some time on the prairie by attending a local bluegrass festival :-) I love bluegrass!

Cindy said...

Lynn, your nautical inspired pendant is soooo cool! It really caught my eye. I come from a long line of Navy servicemen in my family...and my brother is currently serving. My husband and I were married at the Naval Academy (his alma mater), so I just love this piece. Alas, no bead-related events or classes for me between now and Labor Day.

The Joy of Nesting said...

Oh my gosh,

I have my eldest and only daughter getting married in November!! I have visions of 20 beach bags and bride's maids necklaces to make!!!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan mx.

Alice said...

Gorgeous pendants! I'm posting this while on our family vacation to Washington D.C.--and yes, vacations can be exhausting!

I've really slowed down on my creativity this busy summer, but hope to get back in the swing of things after resting up from this trip.

My first goal is to get ready for a jewelry show at a gallery in Kansas City the first Friday of September. Since September is 'Talk Like A Pirate Month',I hope to be able to pull together a pirate themed display for my table. We'll see how far I get.

Also, I seem to have collected a lot of beads, and I've made a pact not to purchase any more until my stash is significantly reduced. That means making a lot of jewelry, and selling a lot of jewelry!


TesoriTrovati said...

Howdy Lynn! I love all these new pieces...such a great authentically vintage feel. I love the mixture of the media as well. That True Path is calling my name...darn you and your siren song ways!

As for my beady goodnes...well...right now in my head is a charitable fundraiser of sorts. I will have a clearer vision soon. But I want to put it together in a collaborative sort of way and invite all my best bead-y and blog-y pals to join me. I want it to be fun and an exercise in creativity while working to raise funds and awareness for a cause. I have been called to action, and I need to do something about it and since beading is my way, that is where it is going. When I know the direction that I am going, I will clue you in!

Thanks for sharing your inspiration! Enjoy the day! Erin

Stacey said...

For my end of summer plans I plan to go to Atlanta. I may be moving there in a couple of years. And of course finding more time to create jewelry.

Angel.Pearls said...

So lovely Vintage Pendants! This is always a so creative blog! My plans for the nearest weeks are making some childrens-jewelry -just made a set inspired by the butterflies of the summer-meadow.
Love//Eva Sweden

Valerie C. / Cline Jewels said...

I will be going to Kanab in Utah the 28th and 29th of August. I was accepted for a booth there for a 2 day festival. It is called "Western Ledgens" and a lot of Stars come to this festival yearly. I will be showing my fall line to the Stars this year for the first time. I have come a long way with my business. I will be taking all my jewelry from the Jewelry store that sells my jewelry on a Comission basis. This is the most exciting event that has happened in my life since I found a jewelry store owner/jeweler that is willing to become my mentor and sell my jewelry in his store because he believes in me and my work. Plus he has also offered me a job making certain kinds of jewelry for him at his expence and a very large wage to go with it. I will also be able to work on my own as well. Even with the ression--life is good to me and I am finally doing what I want to do to support myself and family. Next is a book. Wish me luck....

Kiwiken said...

I don't have many plans at the moment, no real vacation or anything, but next month we're going to visit my boyfriends parents for a week, there will be a trip to an amusement park, and hopefully some beadshopping in one of my favourite stores - I really need to stock up on supplies and metal beads. Really looking forward to it :)