Saturday, July 23, 2011

Studio Saturday with Creative Impressions In Clay

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This week we visit the studio of
 Tari Sasser at Creative Impressions In Clay.

Happy Saturday! I'm going to continue with Jennifer's theme from last Saturday on organization.
Until recently my studio has been an absolute disaster. Meaning there was a path from the door to computer and counter where I worked. To get anywhere else you had to step over or do the sideways shuffle to find anything. It was bad. The picture above shows the beginning of the organization. The shelves (missing the doors) on the left are holding my glazes and molds plus other things that don't belong, just so I could make a path. It was a HUGE job. There are still random items sitting on the counters but it going to have to wait. 
In cleaning this monstrous mess I hurt my back. Seems I can no longer dead lift boxes of clay. Never used to be a problem. When did this happen? When did I get old or to a state where I couldn't lift and pay dearly for it? I was in shock the following morning. I am not the kind of person that likes to be down or sickly and not do for myself. It is getting better, but I am impatient!
The counter where I make and glaze buttons. Wow, who lined up those glaze bottles!
I know you're jealous of my newly tie dyed curtains. Fun, funky and functional! Groovy too!

I moved my desk to the other end of the studio. Shelves are in it's place. You can see the eye painting from school days or "the creepy eye picture" as my daughter calls it, One of the many pieces I unrolled and clipped to the easel. My son keeps waiting for more art treasures to be uncovered to hang in the house.
I can now get to easel! *Snoopy Dance* The pottery wheel is just below it.
This side of the room is "possibilities." Things uncovered with the possibility of now being able to paint or throw on the wheel again. I love possibilities!

My question this:
What possibilities do you have or might have?
An opportunity? A show?

Leave a comment and you could win one of the Four Circle components.
Use it as a connector, a pendant maybe a clasp...possiblities!

Feeling Sassy as usual!
Tari Sasser
Creative Impressions In Clay


somethingunique said...

Hi Miss Tari, arn't you a little cutie pattutie..... i love your studio and your beautiful clay components and would love to win them, and what a funny time to ask that question. I did a rather small show last weekend in my local community & on Monday received a call from a big promoter that books big show like 250,000 people shows, he loved my set-up and my jewelry that featured mostly new creations that i made from components i found blogging since March.They have invited me to a couple of very big festivals coming up in the next month that are juried, it's a little overwhelming since i make everything myself down to earwires except for components (some poly clay)very exciting all the same. I will be doing a big thank-you post to all of the wonderful creative artists that made my festival such a success & i would love to win these beautiful components too!
take care & have a wonderful weekend ttfn Lana

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

Great Job Tari! It is great to have a table or desk top space with room to just sit and work and not have to shuffle things. Extended Snoopy Dance!
I've also started to take advantage of the summer heat by retreating to the studio (in the cool basement) where my catch all jewelry making and office areas are undergoing a massive purge and organization. I would say reorganization, but truthfully, they both started as catch all areas. My clay studio really needs a re-organization for more productive new work :)

Grubbi said...

I'd kill for a proper studio and I love studio saturdays as I get to be nosy! Possibilities...having just split from a bad relationship my possibilities feel endless at the mo. Beady/craft related, I have a lot more time to dedicate to bettering my skills and in general I just hope to be happier and make healthier choices in the future.

Alice said...

Tari, the first thing I noticed was those awesome tie-dye curtains! They really brighten up the space!

The possiblities for me are endless; shows, classes, etc. but finding the time and money--well that's a whole different ballgame. Right now I just hope to learn one new thing before Christmas.

Thanks for sharing your studio makeover with us. And those circle components are the cutest!

dawn said...

What a lovely studio!

Right now, I have just met a group of creative ladies in my local area, and it feels like now we all know that each other exists, that we may be on the verge of lots of exciting things!

Ann said...

I love the overall pinky purple hue that the curtain cast into your space! Excellent! I wish I had a space devoted to my art. Maybe in the future.

Thanks for sharing!

Cece Vineeta said...

Love peeking at others creative spaces. Wish mine were half as organized. Dig those groovy curtains. Glaze on!

Mrs. B. said...

Thanks for the inspiration for getting my space organized and the oppostunity to win those lovely items. I even made up a new word combining opportunity and post in honor of this give away.

gailwhitehead55 said...

Your curtains,glazes,and-I love them-the painting all would help put me into a creative mood.Now,the kitchen table,kitchen island&step stool are my creative space.I'm doing alot of resin,you'd be surprized at all I find in junk drawers,pots,top of refrig.,just everywhere!And in the island I have 2 boxes of favorite beads,etc.I just make do,would like to make do with one of your components!

Michelle hardy said...

Love the studio. The curtains are fantastic. As I just carve out some space where I can find it, I don't have a studio yet. My opportunities for this year are to find some bead, jewelry shows in my area. I haven't been able to locate a good place to find out who is having shows and when and where. If anyone has any resources please let me know.

Unknown said...

What a lovely studio! Love the colors!

Linda Landig said...

I love getting to peak into others' studios. Thanks for sharing. Seems like organization is a never ending challenge--at least for me.

I have a show coming up on the 3rd, which will be my biggest and nicest so far. I am both excited and nervous about it. I hope I will be ready-not just in quantity of jewelry, but more importantly, in quality to match the venue. Its a big opportunity for me. I'm hoping for the best.

Shirley said...

Oh, I so love this post! I'm drooling over having an entire room to work in, and I love the curtains. I'm with your daughter on the eye pic. Possibilities? Still entertaining the idea of selling my I can make more stuff! :)

Beads2yarn said...

DISASTER???? HUH ?? Looks great to me, Sorry this girl sees a beautiful, creative spot in the world. Love your studio, Pam

Elizabeth said...

Cleaning out my studio recently helped free up my mind more than anything else and helped me focus on my wire working desires. Now I can clutter my mind with ideas.

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

Love your space. I wish I had an area dedicated to my art because then I could do so much more than wire working and stringing. Ah well maybe in the future. So I guess that is my possible :-)

Rembrandt Charms said...

Beautifully painted the eyes and beads look very colorful vibrant and attractive.Could be effectively used in jewelry for sure.

Cheryl K Roe said...

I absolutely love the curtains. I have purchased some items that sit on a shelf, possibility of maybe PMC or one of the new clay products. I just have to get the nerve to actually purchase the clay. Then it would have to be real.

Tari of said...

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments!!

Tari of said...

The curtains were easy to dye. I used the twist method. Put dye in the bottom the bin, swished it around. Then pored a second color on top. It was time to say goodbye to the boring off white curtains!

KayzKreationz said...

I love her tie-dyed curtains and colorful prints on her wall. Sorry you hurt your back trying to move things.
My opportunity: I'm trying to work up the courage to go into a couple of BarBQ places we have here and offer them my Recycled Beer Bottle windchimes as decorations/gifts they can sell from their restaurant. I don't really want to consign them and would prefer to just try to sell them to them for them to resell. But haven't gotten the courage up yet. They always seem to sell well for me at craft show and would like to have them in a shop or two.

Aquariart said...

So happy to see a wildly colorful studio with creative chaos going on like mine. Love those tie dye curtains and the Eye!!! I would love to see what you could make on the wheel. I spent two semesters in High School just trying to center the clay! It was not easy for me.
Your circle components are so cool- thank you for a chance to win them! Have a great day!

Erin S said...

right now I'm working on finishing my "jewelry studio" which is actually a spare bedroom that has never had ANYTHING done to it. not even window coverings--just some really old ugly shelves, a couple of file cabinets and a table. Possiblities are endless, but I'd settle for some nice closed cabinets and a counter top!
Erin S

Susan Marling said...

Those curtains are fabulous - just my color! It really makes the room colorful. Organizing is hard work - you are right. I'm sorry you hurt your back - not being able to do what we use to do just creeps up on us. Let it heal before doing more. My possibilities right now are working with more metal and wire.

Shai Williams said...

No new possibilities right now on the jewelry front but on the home front some changes might be happening. It looks like we might be having my oldest stepson moving in. Now I have never had a kid so this will be a definite change

substitutionqueen said...

Love your setup, Tari. So very conducive to the creative process, isn't it? Pretty much a place for everything and now everything in it's place. I want to model my space after yours, maybe minus the 'creepy eye'!


Malin de Koning said...

Tari, you already know I am absolutely madly in love with your new design. I want them all!

Possibilities and/or opportunities? Well, I am in the middle of completing a few pieces that I am thinking I will send to magazines in the nearest future. For the first time ever. That is of course an amazing possibility. IF I get published that is. And if I don't, I will still have learnt to go through the process of submitting, so it will be easier for me to do it again next time. Learning and trying new things always opens for new opportunities.

Hope your back will get better soon! Exersise?

Kristen said...

Great work space! I love the glazes all neat in rows. I have two big possibilities right now! I have lots of unique beads and a new camera to take pics of them which I will use to expand my supplies shop. And an acetylene air torch which has been sitting on a work table making me nervous. I need to get up the nerve to start creating with it.

Sparkle Bead Jeweled said...

Possibilities are only limited by ourselves! And your desk...just gets the creativity flowing!! I recently bought a new desk for my 12 yrs old budding artist, and I took her old shabby one. Now I have a real place to work, and we can eat dinner without moving over my latest project. I feel the urge to go downstairs....

Sparkle Bead Jeweled said...

Our possibilities are only limited by ourselves. And with a creative space like that...there are no limits! I recently bought my 12 yr old budding artist a new desk, and quickly snatched up her shabby old one. Now I have a place to be creative, and we don't have to eat dinner around my latest project!

Bella said...

Wow wonderful blog and give away have a feeling Saturday mornings wont be the same again.

Strange I found this because the a shop in the Old Town of Hastings,and the Window is never used, So I thought,I amgoing to ask if I can use it.
I am going to set up a table and make my Jewellery in the window, I thought this would be a great draw for customers and with my Jewellery on display,who knows where it could lead.

Now just have to work out what percentage of sales to give for my window space.

The Clay Buttons would certainly catch your eye.