Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Holiday Checklist

Make lots of earrings and smaller pendants.
Brainstorm gift ideas - ornaments, fan pulls, beaded pens, zipper pulls, etc.
Create a collection of higher priced items for special gifts.
Make twice as much as you'd like to sell this season.
Have a small portable box of components and create earrings or wire wrap accent beads during your spare moments.
Use the Muffin Tin method to have projects ready to go during this busy time.
Create memory wire bracelets or adjustable bracelets to improve their gift appeal.
Personalize items - monograms or customized options can increase your sales this season.

Decide Where to Sell
Online - join with others to promote your work and participate in online events.
Arts & Crafts Shows - probably too late to sign up now for bigger shows but don't be afraid to contact promoters of smaller shows to see if they have a spot or cancellation.  (One tip - make sure your spot is in the main selling area, if not - skip signing up.)
Plan your own open house.  Lorelei Eurto had some great tips earlier this year. Pair up with another small business owner.
Get creative - I've set up a mini display for teachers during their lunch hour to shop for last minute holiday gifts.  I know some offices host shopping days during their lunch hours.  Start brainstorming and asking around.
Create your own holiday gift guide with your work and the work of other artists you admire. Share it with your social media lists.

Shipping & Packaging
Buy items in bulk if you can.
Check out Etsy for shops that sell cute packaging items.
Step it up during the holidays with great boxes, wrapping and bows.  It makes a difference.
Order business cards, postcards, tags and earrings cards now so you won't run out during the holiday season.

Have fun prepping and offering your wonderful creations this holiday season.  Remember it's not just about making money and selling - focus on pairing up shoppers with the perfect holiday gifts and filling their needs and the money will follow.


Juliette said...

Heather, this was a post I needed to read this morning. Thank you! :)

Sherri said...

I love that bead!!! Where did you buy it?

Elaine said...

Another good one - since I print my own pin, earring and necklace cards (and inserts for jewellery boxes) - I print out a little stack of holiday season ones to use.

I also print out holiday signage for shows, use a little different mailing label and switch to festive packing tissue instead of normal turquoise.

Unknown said...

Heather, I've said it before but here it comes again; you're awesome.

Thank you for giving me a clear list here, I felt like I was going crazy!