Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bead & Button Scoop

This year when I was hunting at the Bead & Button show I noticed some trends I thought I'd share with you.

First up - faux sea glass!  Now, we know these are simply etched glass beads that achieve that sand-washed look, but I'm not snob.  I love the faux as much as the real stuff and with several booths featuring these beads I'm not alone.  You'll find they are the perfect fit for your summer inspired creations.  You can find these online at Znet Shows Inc.

Love this trend - Hill Tribe Silver designs in warm copper and with a price that will warm your heart!  The Bead Goes On offered a great collection of classic Hill Tribe designs and beautiful floral pieces.  I had to go back for a round two before the show was over.

I was super excited when my booth helpers brought these large hole pearls to my attention.  They are perfect for wire bangles and using with cord.  So wish I would have picked up a few handfuls of these.   I will have to get back to you on the resource - why didn't they put a business card in my bag! 

Now this booth had me mesmerized! Gemstones everywhere, but not just any gemstones - these were heat-treated to give them an AB finish.  I had never seen anything like them and have to thank fellow ABS editor Erin Prais-Hintz for dragging me back to this booth.  It scared me, I could have spent a small fortunate on these stones with the magical finish. Leslie D'Souza from Beads Direct Online creates these beautiful finishes in his studio.  He and his wife are lovely vendors and I highly recommend shopping with them both online or at a show.

Fibers where everywhere - sari silk, hand-spun yarns, ribbons and linen were all flying out of the booths.  I stocked up on a sampler of colorful waxed linen from Royalwood Ltd.   Another big trend I spotted over and over were colorful leather cords in all sizes.

And my big splurge of the show was stocking up on Swellegant paint.  I won't go into all the details, but basically it's a paint with metal mixed with a binder.  As the metal dries you paint on the patina.  After you have you patina, there is a collection of dyes to use to add more color choices.  My wheels are spinning.  You can paint anything from clay, to plastic to metal to create these awesome patinas.  I will send you over to B'Sue Boutiques, one of our awesome sponsors this month, to get the skinny on this new paint.  I picked up lots of inexpensive pewter pieces to patina and will give an update later this month.

What did you find at Bead & Button that you'd like to share with our readers?  Any trends that caught your attention?


jeudevoiture said...

It is so beautifull! Thanks for sharing.

Aimee Moisa said...

This week I've been reading so many blog posts about how great the B&B show was, making me want to go next year, and your blog is no different in that regard. What IS different and is really great about your post is your emphasis on the trends you saw at the show. That's really insightful and the items you showed, especially the waxed linen, have given me some ideas on where to go with my own work.



TesoriTrovati said...

Hmmmmm....this all looks like deja vu to me! I think I have just about all the same exact things Miss Heather! But we know that we share one brain, right? ;-) Come on over to me blog to see the damage that I did to my budget and all my goodies... plus I will be giving away an assortment of B&B fun.
Enjoy the day!

Unknown said...

OMG! you find a treasure at B&B show!
I like very much the faux sea glass.

Tania Tebbit said...

Thanks for sharing your finds - I am really interested in the Hill Tribe Copper and must go check out those paints - sounds interesting.

Amy F said...

those are great trends! Love the copper and the sea glass!

Unknown said...

I found a treasure last year with Odd Designs by Olivia D. Dowdy ( I couldn't wait to run to her booth on the Thursday night preview as she is such a delight.

I spent a lot of time at Earthenwood studios trying to narrow down my selection.

I had to come back to Humblebeads shortly before I left to make sure I didn't spend my entire budget. Speaking with Heather and Erin was a great bonus.

I spent most of my budget on tools and accessories for the new skills I learned in the classes I took.

I made purchases at the following booths last year and again this year:

Lisa Peters art @ ceramic connectors, cabochons, buttons, etc.

Julie Miller @ great prices on glass beads

Judie Mountain @ copper circles

Dakota Stones @ 5 strands of beads for $20 - I get my skull gemstone beads there

New booths this year were:

Eclectica @ Irina Miech's books and wire

Diane Hawkey ceramic beads

A Grain of Sand @ $5 bags of miscellaneous items

Beaducation: tronex flush cutters

GlassBeadArt said...

Oh, these treasures make my mouth I wish I could have gone!!!