Thursday, August 8, 2013

Selling on Facebook - Soldsie Review

Last week I was rained out of our weekly market and decided to have a little sale on my Facebook page.  I had seen a few of my friends using Soldsie, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Basically you set up an event - called a campaign.  You add your products with a the price, options, shipping and description.  After your products are loaded you schedule your campaign.

When the scheduled time arrives your photos publish to your Facebook page and customers can start shopping.

To purchase, all your customer needs to do is comment, "sold" on the photo and register for your shop. (There is a link published on each photo.) Paypal automatically sends them an invoice and they let you know when an invoice is sent and when it's paid.

You can leave your event up for a few days or delete your photos after a certain a time period or you can schedule an end time for your campaign.

What does it cost? There is a free trial for your first $700 in sales, after that it's 3% of your product price.

Some thoughts:
It's Easy to use, great customer service and training videos, keeps invoices and sales organized on the app.

Payments are through Paypal only.  Customers can register with your shop before an event.

You can only access Soldsie on a browser, not a mobile device. But customers can shop on the mobile device. Customers need to sign up to complete their purchase.

Events work better if you promote them a few days in advance and train your customers about the new way to shop on Facebook.  Create an eye-catching graphic and share the basics on your Page a few days before your sale.

What is the advantage to selling with Soldsie? Having invoices automated and a handy way to keep track of those sales helps keep things running smoothly.

I had a successful first run and plan to use Soldsie to sell off extra inventory, for destash events, sample sales and a probably even a holiday stocking stuffer sale.


Numinosity said...

Thanks for explaining this. i was a little confused when you first posted it because I went to the tab at the top of your page that said Soldsie and there was nothing there, not realizing that it was your page that was the event. Having invoices automated is good, One of the things I like about Etsy is that they keep things organized for me and it looks as though this would as well.
AKA, Kimberly Rogers

Numinosity said...

I meant to add that it seems that people are reluctant to buy my facebook items until they are officially listed on Etsy for some reason. ( even though I let them know that they are available as soon as they view them) I don't know why that is. I think you're right that it's something we need to train potential customers and fans to get used to.

Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks for this info Heather! I will be trying this myself in the future.

Kelly said...

Great review! I have never heard of this way to sell but I will definately be trying it in the near future! Have a great day:)

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Wow, Heather, also sounds like a great option for some of us who aren't ready to commit to a "real shop" yet!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Heather! Thanks for the kind review and congratulations on your success!

We're working on a mobile app - but in the meantime, you can access your Soldsie dashboard from your device by opening it through your mobile browser (Chrome or Safari).

You can also accept credit cards directly on the invoices by choosing that option in your Settings > Payments and Tax. Once the user enters their info one time, it's saved - they just need to click and confirm payment in the future.

Another great thing about comment selling is that when your fans comment to buy, their friends see the post - which allows them to discover your page. You get free marketing, just for selling!

For tips and tricks to using Facebook, PayPal and more - I'd like to invite you to join our cTailers' Lounge. Network with other sellers, ask questions, and make friends -

Thanks again, and happy selling!


Dolores Raml said...

Thanks for the information on this, it sounds like a good option for someone starting out and maybe even further down the road too. Glad you did good.

Tammie T Everly said...

Great post, thanks for the info, I think I may have to look into this a bit more after your review.

LoriF said...

Shelley Graham Turner pointed me over this way...this sounds great! May have to try this as a pre-Christmas fundraiser for my charity.

Freestyle Elements said...

Thanks so much for the review, Heather. I am one that has not started selling online yet, and think this would be a great way to get started. Sounds easy and organized---meaning less stress for a nu-b. Gina Hockett

baymoondesign said...

Thanks for sharing this useful information.

Anonymous said...

Love your starfish necklaces!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review and helpful info. I want to check this out--especially for my destash items.