Monday, June 6, 2011

Bead & Button Survival Guide

bead & button 2010

1. Set a budget.

2. Laugh at that budget.  Set aside just enough money to get home and come to peace with spending all the rest.

3. Have a huge sale in your Etsy shop the week of the show! (Like these guys.)

4. Don't bring a friend - you'll buy twice as much because she'll find all these amazing things you'll have to have too. (And if you have two friends with you - forgetta about.)

5. Bring a healthy snack, water and wear comfortable shows.

6. Bring a big bag. Bring a rolling suitcase.  (Can you bring those to the show?  I can't remember.  Okay, stick with the big bag.  But there will be a moment during the show when you turn to that friend and say, "We're gonna need a bigger bag." ala the crazy man from Jaws.)

7. Have a show strategy - visit the beadmakers first - they have limited stock and sell out of things!  And take a minute to meet artists who are your creative heros!  Next visit booths with hard to find items like Czech glass, resin beads and decorative chain. Watch demos and join in any make-and-takes.  (Booths that usually have demos are Vintaj, Soft Flex and Beaducation.)

Stop by booth #1212 to visit me at HumblebeadsHere is a little coupon for you!

These are the booths I'll be visiting - in no particular order:

Jangles #1103 - ceramic
Earthenwood Studio #1227 - ceramic
Green Girls Studios #1205 - pewter
Julie Nordine - Credit River Glass #1136 - lampwork
Diane Hawkey #1228 - ceramic
Lisa Peters Art #1213 - ceramic
Pam & Heather Wynn #1235 - polymer clay
Kim Fields #1208 - lampwork
Elemental Adornements #5 - silver
Anne Choi #1233 - silver
Kerri Fuhr & Stephanie Anne #1157 - lampwork
Golem #111 - ceramic
Lori Greenberg #938 - lampwork
C-Koop #727 - enamel
Gail Crosman Moore #9 - lampwork
Lisa Kan #818 - lampwork
MAKUStudio #142 - ceramic
Sea of Glass #1254 - lampwork

Out on a Whim #701 - seed beads, peanut beads
Ad/Adornments #717 - chain
Bello Modo #838 - brass, mixed media
Raven's Journey #117 - Czech glass
Vintaj #834 - brass (wholesale only)

Here is the whole list of exhibitors - there are so many more artists than the ones listed here and I will enjoy discovering new talent to share with you here on the Art Bead Scene!

Is there a booth you are planning to visit that we should mark on our list?  Share it in the comments below.


Mimi said...

Thanks for the fun post Heather! :) All the ones I have highlighted are already on your list, but I do see a few new ones I'll have to check out. I'll definitely stop by and say hi!

TesoriTrovati said...

Awesome list! I had forgotten about the budget...becuase I usually blow it in the first aisle!

I think you can bring in a small rolling bag... I know I did in the past, I think I will bring it along just in case!

And always wear your best creations... the beader's handshake is to walk up to someone's jewelry and admire it before you look in their eyes and say hello! That is always so fun!

Can't wait to see you and everyone!
Enjoy the day!

Grubbi said...

Am so jealous! Have fun you guys! x

Cillaw said...

So for us out of the loop, Is this THE Bead Show or are there a few and this is one of them??
It looks fantastic

Anonymous said...

That was so cute! I look forward to reading all the details...
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Aww, I'm so jealous. One day, *ONE DAY* I will cross the pond especially for this.

rosebud101 said...

Number 2 works very well for me!

sandi m said...

Yup, you can bring a rolling cart. In fact mine is the official B&B cart I bought at my very first show.

Other exhibitors (didn't look up their booth numbers):
Royalwood - Irish waxed linen cord
Blue Buddha Boutique - metal jump rings, chain maille
Hobo Glass - lampwork
Diane Tarullo - lampwork

Better go work on my budget!

Karen Totten said...

I have never attended a bead show - I wish I could! I hope to set aside some money for one in the next few months or so. Any recommendations on good ones? Should I wait until next year for this giant one??? lol - where to start!?
- Karen

Judy/Natural Touch said...

HI y'all,
I see that Heather posted her fav list for B& Button show. I was happy to see that she included RESIN beads. I'm sorry to say that we, NATURAL TOUCH, wont have a booth this year. We had to crunch down our shows, but...we are offering cool specials all month long on our website. So save a few dollars if you can and visit our site,
and have fun at the show. Judy

Singing Cat Studio said...

Your "advice" is so right on that I laughed out loud. I just wish I was at the show. Maybe next year!