Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Perfect Pairings :: SJ Designs + Tesori Trovati

I am a smitten kitten! I don't go seeking my own pieces for the Perfect Pairings but I couldn't help myself with this one! I send out these pieces into the world and hope that they will inspire the one who received them to transform them into something special, something that I could not possibly have imagined. When I happen to spot them in designs, I get a little electric thrill. I am particularly fond of this new pendant that I created that I call, "Love, Autumn" for I feel that the explosion of color and pattern and patina during the all-too-short fall season is like a love letter from nature to all of us. This design was the piece I sent out to the Simple Truths Sampler Club for November (although they actually got them about a week early and were able to see a sneak peek of a part of the inspiration for the month since I sent them a bit earlier than usual). I love what Miss Sarajo has done here. The pairing of the muted colors in the Czech beads echoes the tones in the leafy pendant. I think that the asymmetry works so well here and really leads your eye. The design is perfectly balanced. This is a necklace that I would be proud to wear, but even more proud to have a part in! 

Featured Designer :: SJ Designs


Featured Bead Artist :: Tesori Trovati

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Linda - said...

It's a beautiful pendant and the choice of beads compliment it perfectly. I especially love the 3 Czech glass leaves on the side of the necklace.

Linda x

Lori Anderson said...

That is SUCH a pretty necklace!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens with great art beads and a wonderful design...Fabulous!

Sarajo Wentling said...

Thanks for highlighting my necklace that your pendant inspired, Erin! This is hands down my very favorite thing I've made in some time.

Terri said...

I just simply adore this necklace!

Unknown said...

I love the pendant and what Sarajo made with it!