Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wish I was there

Imagine for a moment, that you are headed to Milwaukee, to attend one of the biggest bead shows of the year. Can you feel the excitement? Pounding in your chest, knowing what is in store for you?
You can't?  Whyzzat- because you aren't going?

yeaaa. Me neither.

At this stage of my beading career, I can really only afford one big bead show a year, and I'll be headed to Philadelphia for Bead Fest, because I can drive there, in a 5 hour time span. I like to imagine what it would be like if I could go to Milwaukee. To hop on that jet plane and arrive in a city that I've never been to, in anticipation of meeting friends in person, that I feel like I've known forever...

 I imagine that I would spend at least one day  fondling the beads, running my fingers through all of the bead trays, like the ones shown here.

I would definitely be here at Pam and Heather Wynn's Table  (Top image)

And it wouldn't take me long to shoot over to Lisa Peters Table! (center pic)
And then I would pit stop at Jangles table because the colors would guide me there (bottom pic)

Just look at their shiny smiling faces!? Nothing can make a girl smile like that, other than beads!! I imagine that I would be there too- I would be in that picture, I would be smiling, and laughing and shopping....ahhhh.

Heather Powers of Humblebeads, ME (in my imagination), and Erin Prais-Hintz

Well, never fear. I have put together a shopping list of some popular vendors that will be selling their wares this year at Bead & Button. Click each of the names, and while you are feeling all jealous as your friends are all twittering from their iphones about how great it is, and how many beads they've bought,  you can do your fair share of online shopping damage too!!

For a complete list of exhibitors, with their booth numbers,  click here...

Thank you to Erin Prais-Hintz for allowing me to use her pictures for this post, because ehem. she was there, and will be there again this year.
nah, I'm not bitter!! But one of these people better buy some beads for me!!


Karen Beth said...

Oh! I wish I was there too! I have yet to go to a big bead show. I just drool and continue to be jealous of everyone. It's coming very soon, the ability to just fly to a bead show and spend a bank account, but alas, that time is not the present. Thank you for the reading list. I'll click my way down. Have a great day and continue to tell yourself you have too many beads now and you don't need anymore. :)

Alice said...

Sigh....yes, I feel your pain. I've never been to a big bead show at all. I would love to experience the excitement of seeing all the beautiful beads in one place, and meeting people I've chatted with on the web. One of these days I will have both the money and the time to make at least one show - I hope.

Denise Yezbak Moore said...

LOL Lorelei, I am with you in dreaming about Bead & Button. I love the X where you want your face between Heather and Erin. Can you add an X on the side so I could be in the picture too?


Malin de Koning said...

Oh gosh! I feel with you. I would also like to be there. Almost all the really really fun things when it comes to beads happens in the USA. Unfair, that's what it is!

Amy B. said...

Great Post !!

I'll share my excitement of Bead Fest Philly with you in August. Will be sure to find you & introduce myself.

Perhaps looking forward to either Tuscon or Bead & Button next year. Its always in the plans :)

Unknown said...

I'm Not Bitter Either.


Regina said...

Someday, I will save up $1,000 to buy just beads (you think that is enough!), another $500 to cover airfare and lodging, food (got to eat!) ...I figure then I will be ready for one of these bead shows. Till then I will shop online... and I can dream...

Erin Prais-Hintz said...

nyanyanay (no seriously, I kid! I wish you were all here with us and your heads were stuck in that photo!)
I am here with Heather right now and we are plotting our plans to dominate the bead aisles! I have a budget (that I will blow) and a highlighted map (which I will promptly lose) so that I don't get mired down in the same two bead makers rows that we got stuck on last year!!!!

Will you all start planning for next year so that I can start planning the big Art Bead Scene party!?

I can't possibly keep the bead economy going by myself, now can I?

You are too funny, Lorelei!

Enjoy the day!

sandi m said...

I've already been there to a workshop, and going back tomorrow to shop, shop, shop!

L - I'll be visiting most of your list and more of the 360 booths.
Pure beady heaven...

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Hey Everyone! This post is so cute! I am just waking up..having my coffee: Milwaukee is pretty busy this year! Lots of activity on the street.. parking lots seem to be full. Last night I walked Carol Dean Sharp from Sand Fibers over to the Teachers Reception where she met up with Jennifer Cameron, and I peeked my head inside that reception and it was overwhelming, the room was Huge, the tables over flowing with genius! The Bead Dreams cases are filled to the brim with the most unbelievable bead-artistry you could imagine. The lamp work category was especially interesting (to me) this year...what a diverse group represented there! I cant wait until the show starts tonight.. though I am not ready yet.. as usual TOO MUCH STUFF! This year I get the pleasure to be directly across from Heather I saw alot of the people mentioned on your list above setting up with that "look".. the OMGosh look, here we go again, "will I be ready?" I will take some photo's and upload to facebook throughout the day and hopefully blog a little later! We'll keep ya posted..
You will ALL make it here one day! Not to worry!

Mikki said...

*sigh* I've never been to a big bead show either. I'm hoping to sooner rather than later....hoping to teach at one. I'm not sure how I would cope with all the beads though, a good bead store can overwhelm me. My designer brain goes into overdrive and makes my head spin....I think 360 booths would just make my head explode. would be worth the risk.

Unknown said...

Awwwww...wish you would have been there too. It is a wonderful show. :)