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Best of Inside the Studio-Creative Impressions In Clay

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Welcome to Creative Impressions In Clay Studio.
This was originally posted in December 2009

As we get closer to the holidays it's time to start thinking about gifts. I always make ornaments every year. I can't seem to get out of it and everyone expects one every year. Here is a decorative hook that can be used to hang many things. Using copper looks great and it's inexpensive.

Start with 4" piece of 18 gauge copper wire. I picked a spool up at Ace Hardware. Don't try to straighten the wire too you will put kinks in the wire that you can't get out.

With the curve of the wire facing away from you, use your round nose pliers to make a small loop at the end of the wire. Always roll your wire away from your body.

Using the handle of a large paintbrush, about 1/2" up the loop end of the wire bend the wire over handle. Do this by smoothing the wire as you bend it. Bring the wire slightly under the handle and begin curving the other end to form an "S".

Begin making the coil on the end by using the large end of your round nose pliers to create an open loop.

Complete the coil by rolling it upwards towards the top of the hook with your fingers.

I like my hooks hammered. Use a hammer and a striking plate to hammer the small loop and coil.

Completed Hook.

Combining your hook and ornament.

Cut 10" of sheer ribbon. I get mine at Michaels. To give the ornament and ribbon a nice finished look and to keep the ribbon from doing the annoying split, I slide a 10mm glass donut over the ribbon. Fire Mountain Gems has a great selection. The clear glass donuts go best with all ornaments.

Don't forget to add your artist tag so everyone knows they have a hand crafted item by you. This one is 1" x 1"

Tie the ribbon onto the bottom of the hook using an overhand knot. This keeps your ornament and hook together and secure.

You have a beautiful finished product hanging from a handmade copper hook. Colored wire works wonderful also. Just don't hammer it. 18 gauge wire will hold most ornaments. The heftier the ornament the thicker your wire needs to be.

My Question is: 
What Beady/Buttony/Artsy things are you working on for the Holidays?

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Tari Sasser


Erin S said...

Living in San Diego, I think I'm going to do some seashell ornaments this year. Pearls glued or wired onto starfish look pretty cool. I like to leave the starfish natural in color, but you can easily spray paint it gold or silver, which also looks nice.

Anonymous said...

I found some beautiful jewel toned glass vases at Michaels for 50 cents each. I plan to wire wrap them with beads and crystals for a sparkly gift. Perhaps turn them into hanging vases.

Empty nester at last said...

I am in a Holiday Ornament Blog Hop and just finished my ornament. I can't show a picture yet...don't want my partner to see...but I am doing almost a fully hand made Christmas this year. Thanks for the tute on the hanger...that is one thing I hadn't thought of making...

Nan G said...

Hi Tari, just found your blog. Lovely hook. Thanks for showing how to form it. I am new to beading so have kept my first pieces simple. Will be making a couple styles of beaded bracelets for Christmas gifts.

Unknown said...

I probably going to make some clay beads or miniature to make ornaments.

baymoondesign said...

I am making a metal Christmas tree ornament by shaping the metal and then I will put some bling on it. I will use your tutorial to make the hanger! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I've been playing with ornaments for various blog hops and swaps, and I will no doubt make jewellery for family members. Thank you for such an easy tutorial for ornament hangers!

Patti said...

I'm making jewelry for Christmas gifts.

mijothom said...

Beautiful hook! Thank you for sharing it with everyone. I love making wire and beaded trees. Like the jewelry, I also love to make, it allows me to tap into my nature creative side. For gifts this year I'm going to make my trees with a holiday winter theme,ex.icicles draping from branches,red berries and mistletoe,shiny silver pinecones.Gotta love the inspiration the holiday season brings.My best wishes for a season of joy to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

I am making purse/diaper bag charms for everyone on my Xmas list this year. I have had the best time using some beautiful clips and my bead soup!

Angi Mullis