Friday, November 8, 2013

Inside the Studio with Creative Impressions In Clay

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I decided to test a technique I read about eons ago. You know, those little tidbits of information you store in the "That's interesting, I need to try that one day" folder in your memory filing cabinet. This week was it was time to pull this one out of the filing cabinet.
The "in a nutshell version" is an embossing technique for clay. Their version was carving Foam Core or something. I don't have the time or patience for carving right now. I don't mind my designs being recessed, most of mine are for that matter. I was thinking about using puffy paints. Of all the supplies in my studio, Puffy Paint isn't one. I have had them in the past, a must with kids. I remembered I purchased a product with a fine that you could make raised dots & lines, it dried hard and the lines stayed raised. Perfect!

I made a design on the side of a box to see if I could draw holding and squeezing a bottle at the same time. It is hard sometimes to get the liquid to flow smoothly and then comes the annoying air bubbles. Then I realized it didn't have to be perfect (the anal Graphic Artist in me has to have it perfect). After all I was going to be pressing a clay slab on top of the design and I could make corrections to the clay impression. Above is how it dried.

This is the result of pressing clay down onto the design. Pretty cool!! 
My little test worked! And the crowd goes wild!!

I found a shelf I have taken out of my cabinet…recycle, reuse. The shelf had a texture I liked, so let the doodling design begin!! The plan is to continue to add to the design so I have about an 8.5" x 11" design space to work with…bowls, mugs, plates, pendants, many possibilities. Enough space so the design changes with each piece. I like possibilities!
Stay tuned for the results in 3D.

My question is:
What have you tried in your "That's interesting, I need to try that one day" folder in your memory filing cabinet?

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Have a great day!!
Feeling Sassy as usual!
Tari Sasser


Linda said...

I recently had an opportunity to use a rolling mill! Way fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh how clever! I will have to try that one myself one day! As for other things, well, the list keeps growing. At the moment, I am trying to find time to do some more simple metal work and polymer clay play.

baymoondesign said...

I recently built up the courage to make some polymer clay beads and was pretty happy with them.

Anonymous said...

Last month I used Paperclay for the first time and made art beads for the challenge.

I'm thinking of ways to do that for this month's challenge.

Love the circle button. Looks like an eye.

Anonymous said...

Haven't tried anything new lately, but I am definitely add this one to my file of "cool new ideas"! Love that you shared it with us, Tari. Thanks so much.

Aranthe said...

Beaded roller beads. I've always liked nice leather. Like everyone else, have seen lots of it lately, but I longed to use it in a distinctive way. When I ran across some 5mm round leather, it struck a cord (pardon the pun). I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them--beaded roller beads.

At least I thought I knew, but I didn't count on their affinity for congregating into 2-inch slides. Funny how they have a mind of their own, isn't it?

SusanDolphinDelaney said...

I always meant to try to make a basket out of polymer clay.

For a recent Fall themed challenge I created a cornucopia and filled it with two toned orange roses.

I look forward to making more baskets when my muse inspires.


TesoriTrovati said...

That right there is genius! I have been looking for a way to make my own designs but all the usual ways have fallen short. I love this and think I will test it out with my polymer clay. First I have to go shopping for puffy paint!

Ema Kilroy said...

I love it! I think I have some left over paints from the 'when my kids were little days'. I am going to have to play with this idea (it is going into my must try file). To answer your question I recently tried techniques that have been on my must try list. I painted on copper and I used colored pencil on copper. I think I need to work on these techniques a bit more but it is fun to try new ideas. I'll be blogging about those two techniques soon.