Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Wooded Path Bracelet

Add a little color and texture to a simple design with this knotted waxed linen technique.  Pair up any trio of art beads with larger holes to create endless variations of this style.

My art bead trio includes a branch lentil Humblebead, an Elaine Ray ceramic lentil bead and a pewter nest from Green Girl Studios. 

Polymer clay lentil
Ceramic lentil
Pewter nest bead
6 20mm wood coins
brass hammered ring
leaf toggle bar
2" brass headpin
5mm pewter spacer
24" Irish waxed linen

1.  String the headpin through the leaf toggle pair, string the spacer bead and a create a wrapped loop. Set aside.
2. Double the 24" waxed linen, string through the brass hammered ring, wrap three times around the ring on with both ends of the linen, tie a knot with both strands of linen.
3. String a wood bead through one strand, tie a knot at the top of the bead with both strands of linen. Repeat two more times.
4. String the polymer clay lentil through both stands of linen, tie a knot. Repeat with ceramic lentil and nest bead.
5. Repeat step 3.
6. Tie 3 knots around the clasp, add a dab of beader's glue to secure last knot, trim off excess linen.

Resources: branch lentil: Humblebeads, Elaine Ray ceramic beads and waxed linen: Ornamentea.  Pewter nest: Green Girl Studios. Wood Beads: Michael's. Brass clasp: Vintaj.

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Unknown said...

Beautifully brilliant - thank you so very much for the tutorial - I must have a go - I haven't got out my jewellery making things for far too long and I have so many tempting Humblebeads to use. I have tended to keep there like 'treasures' to take out of their tissue paper, touch, stroke, and admire, then tuck them away again safe in the knowledge that I have my little stash of precious beads.