Sunday, December 16, 2007

As the Bead Turns, December 16th, 2007

Bringing you all the dirt and drama from the beading blog world...

To celebrate her recent interview at Beading Daily, Melanie from Earthenwood Studio is having a super secret Holiday Giveaway! Read her blog post about it and follow the links to enter to win one of three great art bead prizes (one of which is shown above) Jewelry Making Tammy at's Jewelry Making site has a long list of ideas for jewelry makers to give and get this holiday season.

Bead Arts Cyndi is continuing the countdown to Christmas with a link to a new project every day! All with beads, of course.

Jewelry & Beading Stunning jewelry and other artwork are featured in an interview with Penny Purdie, one of Cyndi's favorite artists in the Swarovski Design Contest!

PearlEsq. Check out the travels of Robin at Tim Holtz' Holiday Hideaway!

Savvy Crafter Candie takes a walk down Candy Cane Memory Lane.... See two different versions of beaded candy cane ornaments on her blog. Yum!

Snap out of it, Jean! There's beadng to be done! Jean displays a little parallel chain style chain maille and borosilicate bracelet for her chain maille gallery on her site: Margot Potter has the perfect name for it!

The Impatient Blogger It's week three of Ornament Thursday! Margot offers a simply lovely and quick idea in this week's post, plus links to the amazing ideas of the rest of our talented participants!

Did you read or write any good dirt on a bead blog this week? Leave us a comment and a link and tell us the latest scoop!

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