Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Final 2007 Ornament Thursday

Today is the final Ornament Thursday for 2007. Cindy Gimbrone has created the Spiral Xmas Tree for ABS readers using her handmade glass spirals. Supplies for the Spiral Xmas Ornament: 1 extra long spiral, 1 Siam 6mm Swarovski bicone crystal, 2 crystal Swarovski flower spacers, 20ga silver colored wire. The directions for assembling the Spiral Tree Ornament:

1. Measure the 20 ga wire 2 and a half times the length of the spiral (approximately 5 inches).

2. The spiral is repeated in the wire. Make a spiral at one end of the 20 ga wire. Bend a right angle at the end of the spiral. (See picture).

3. In this order string on the two (2) flower spaces, the glass spiral, and the Siam (red) 6mm bicone.

4. Make a small loop at the end of the remaining wire (directions on Lampwork Diva's blog.

5. Bend the remaining wire using your finger to create the ornament hanger.

You've now created your Spiral Xmas Tree Ornament. Enjoy!


Margot Potter said...


This is fabulous. I love your twirly beads!


Linda Augsburg said...

A twirly tree! So pretty.

Kriss said...

Beautiful! I love the Party Pixie Ornament too. The ladybug feet are great! Merry Christmas!

melanie brooks said...

ooh, another great use of your spiral beads! Its is neat how the look can change just by threading it upside down or right side up!

Heather Powers said...

what a fun way to use your spiral! love it cindy.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thank you, Margot, Linda, Kriss, Melanie and Heather! I like to try to use the spiral in creative ways by orienting it differently.

Melanie, I really really really really really (did I say REALLY) love the Party Pixie Ornament! She is sooo cute!

Michelle McGee said...

Phenomenally pretty!