Monday, December 17, 2007

On the 11th Day of Christmas: SnowGuy Necklace

Step out of the snow and snuggle up with this cozy cute necklace, made with warm and fuzzy velour tubing and an adorable porcelain Snow Guy bead by Earthenwood Studio.

1 porcelain 20mm Limited Edition Snow Guy Bead
2 porcelain 12mm black spiral beads
1 porcelain Limited Edition 16mm snowflake charm
10 pewter 5mm beaded spacer
2 pewter 4x7mm Turkish bead
2 sterling silver 4mm round beads
1 pewter11x16mm twisted toggle clasp
1 sterling silver connector ring
2 sterling silver 4mm crimp covers
2 sterling silver 2x2mm crimp tubes
1 sterling silver 2 inch eye pin
18.5 inches black velour tubing
24" beading wire .019, 49 strand
Chain nose pliers
Round nose Pliers
Crimp tool
Wire cutters

makes a 20" necklace

1. Open connector ring and insert loop of snowflake charm. Close the ring. Cut 1.5" inches of tubing. String onto the eyepin: 1 pewter spacer, the piece of velour tubing, the ring with the snowflake, and 1 spacer. Using the round nose pliers, form a loop at the end of the beads. Trim if needed. Curve the eyepin into an arch slightly.

2. String onto the beading wire: 1 crimp tube, and the loop of the clasp bar. String back through the crimp. Crimp using the crimping pliers and trim. Cover with a crimp cover and close. String 1 beaded spacer onto the wire. Cut a 7" piece of tubing and string onto the wire. String a spacer bead, a spiral bead, and a spacer bead. Cut 1.5" of tubing and string onto the wire.

3. String a spacer bead, a 4mm round, one loop of the eyepin, a Turkish bead, the Snow Guy bead (make sure the bead is facing up, and is the same direction as the snowflake charm), a Turkish bead, the other loop of the eyepin, a 4mm round, and a spacer bead.

4. Cut a 1.5" piece of tubing and string onto the wire. String 1 beaded spacer, 1 spiral bead, 1 beaded spacer. Cut a 7" piece of tubing and string onto the wire. String 1 beaded spacer, 1 crimp bead, and the loop of the toggle ring. String back through the crimp bead and pull firmly. Crimp using the crimping pliers and trim. Cover with a crimp cover and close.

Porcelain beads: Earthenwood Studio,

available in the Earthenwood Etsy Shop

Velour Tubing:

Silver connector: Rio Grande

All other supplies: Art Beads

Melanie Brooks Lukacs is the ceramic beadmaker of Earthenwood Studio, who blogs from her Metro Detroit, Michigan home.


Rosanne said...

I just love your necklaces Melanie!
What do you do with them after you make them?

melanie brooks said...


Well, I wear some of them myself, my favorite ones. Then, my mom steals some of them, lol!

Others, if I have used them to make a kit, go on display at shows with the kits as the example.

But that leaves me with a lot of necklaces! I should auction them off sometime, maybe even for charity, but have a hard time letting go.

Rosanne said...

I know it's hard to give up the pieces that you really like. My favorite thing to do is get a shadow box and hang my art pieces in that...put it on the wall. I also have a pegboard in my room and I hang things on that for inspiration.

melanie brooks said...

Those are great ideas! I think a collection of shadowboxes would be really cool, actually!

Michelle Mach said...

I have actually done the shadowbox thing. The great thing is the one I bought opens up in front with a swinging door, so I can actually take the pieces out easily and wear them when I want. Beauty and fuction . . . ahhhhhh!

Michelle Mach said...

Oh, I meant FUNCTION. I shouldn't be posting on blogs. My brain is tired!