Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On the 7th Day of Christmas: Gift Wrapping with Beads

Here's a fun way to wrap that special gift to a bead buddy who also happens to love cats, reading, and a piping hot cup of coffee or tea, and sometimes all at one time!
As shown in the photo above all you'll need for his project is solid or subtley patterned paper, raffia, red card stock, a paw print stamp and a ceramic cat pendant.
This gift wrap features green rice paper and one of my ceramic pendants with an image of a cat sitting on a newspaper politely pleading for some attention while the steam from a hot drink wafts through the air. For an added touch I've used red card stock to cut out a gift tag in the shape of a mug and stamped some paw prints across the front. Now wouldn't a gift of coffee beans, tea or hot chocolate inside this box be just perfect?

Here I've recycled some Starbucks gift tissue to wrap up this box. Layering it over the green rice paper helps the swirls stand out which look to me like snow swirling in the wind, although it surely is intended to resemble swirling coffee steam since it came from a coffee shop. This paper would also work nicely for my first gift wrap idea with the coffee and newspaper theme. Again, I've cut out a gift tag from red card stock, this time in the shape of a book and applied a small printed piece of paper to go along with the reading theme in my Cat Dozing on a Bookshelf pendant. I couldn't resist stamping some footprints across the top and two sides of the box as well...too cute!


Ceramic cat pendants by Virginia Miska

*Roll-Arounds paw print stamp by All Night Media Ink

All other materials are from craft or art supply store or recycled.

I hope these wrapping ideas help to top off your gift to that extra special cat lovin' person in your life this holiday season!

* I have had this stamp in my stash for years and unfortunately couldn't find it anywhere on the web , but I did find some similar paw print stamps: (scroll down 1/3 of the page to cat design


melanie brooks said...

Just beautiful, Virginia! Great ideas! I know I would be so happy to receive one of these as a gift, no matter what is inside!

Virginia said...

Thanks Melanie!

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