Wednesday, December 5, 2007

On the 1st Day of Christmas: Charmed Scarf Pins

With the popularity of hand knitted scarves, shawls, and other wintery clothing, what better way to accessorize those chunky knits than with a chunky kilt pin? These pins can be used to bundle up a wrapped scarf and keep it in place, secure a shawl around the neck, or just to decorate a knitted hat or sweater. The pins are thick, so a heavy weave is best...these pins are not for dainty fabrics.

Materials Needed:

Round nose pliers

Chain nose pliers

Wire Cutters


Lariat Bead from Humblebeads

Porcelain charm from Earthenwood Studio

All other materials from Fusion Beads


1. Open jump ring and insert charm, tiny pyramid cham, and the ring of the bail. Close jump ring.
2. String onto pin the following beads: beaded bail, Lariat bead, and pewter spacer.

3. Push the beads all the way down on the pin. Take the end of your wire and begin to coil around the pin after the last bead, carefully working to make a tight, even coil about 1/2 inch in size. Trim the wire and smooth the end bit of the wire onto the pin.

4. With your hands and round nose pliers, bend the pin in half where you made the coil. The pin point should nestle comfortably into the catch without extending, so make your bend accordingly, widening or tightening the bend as needed.

Additional Hints:

Mix it up by using your favorite large holed art beads and accent with some pewter or silver or brass. Use a bail or a jump ring to hang a colorful charm for some movement. Below are some additional examples, for more ideas!
This pin uses a button that has been wired through with silver wire with a loop behind each hole for the pin to thread onto. Button by Creative Impressions in Clay, Charm by Earthenwood Studio

Mix materials, like shiny glass and earthy ceramic, for a rich effect. Lampwork Spiral by Cindy Gimbrone, Charm by Earthenwood Studio

Add a little bit or ribbon for a textural accent, and fancy it up with an intricate silver bail. Beads by Elaine Ray, Charm by Earthenwood Studio

You can't go wrong with black and white and silver, it's classic! Charm by Virginia Miska, Beads by Earthenwood Studio

Melanie Brooks Lukacs is the ceramic beadmaker of Earthenwood Studio, who blogs from her Metro Detroit, Michigan home. These finished pieces, and the kilt pin findings, are available for sale in her Etsy Shop


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

where have I been? these are fantastic!

Tari of said...

These are great Melanie!

Anonymous said...

oh how pretty!!..I just ran across this post....what a lovely idea doing the 12 days of Christmas!!..thanks, Melanie:)

Dave Robertson said...

Hey Melanie, I don't know how I missed this great pin post until now, but I'm glad I found it! Here's an updated link to our pins, since we've launched our new online store in the meantime. Thanks for the mention!

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