Friday, December 28, 2007

Best of Art Bead Scene: Free Project- Tassel Earrings

This post was first posted by Heather Powers on Tuesday, July 24, 2007. These earrings are so fun and versatile, and yet so easy to make~

Tassel Earrings

Here is a super simple earring project to show off your collection of smaller art beads from your favorite artists.

2 small art beads
2 6mm accent beads
2 earring wires
4 silver 6mm flat spacers
silver seed beads size 11
seed beads size 8
4 crimp beads
flexible beading wire .015
wire cutters
flat nose pliers

Step 1: Cut 6 inches of beading wire. Loop through the earring wire.
Thread a silver seed bead unto both wires.

Step 2: Thread onto both wires, 6mm accent bead, 6mm silver spacer, art bead, 6mm silver spacer.

Step 3: One on wire, thread a pattern of 1 size 8/0 seed bead, 1 silver seed, 1 size 8/0 seed bead until your desired length. Thread crimp bead, make sure all the beads are tightly pressed unto the beading wire, with no gaps, flatten crimp bead. Make sure the crimp bead is completely flattened, as this is what holds the beads unto the wire. Trim beading wire if it is showing. Repeat step for the other wire, varying the length if desired.

Supply tips:
Size 8/0 seed beads are larger seed beads, you can find a nice selection at Charlene's Beads.

Art beads suppliers - use any earring size art beads. Here are a few possible suggestions:

Click on the images to go directly to the shops/listings. Beads shown : Earthenwood Studios, Elaine Ray Beads and Humblebeads.

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